29 x New Kindle Ebooks

Here is a new list of 29 Kindle Ebooks to download and read once. Get them !

  • FREE Cookouts Veggie Style! by Jolinda Hackett
  • FREE Waiter, There’s a Clue In My Soup! by Camille LaGuire
  • FREE Surrender the Wind by Rita Gerlach
  • FREE Norbert by James Sutherland
  • FREE Impeding Justice by Mel Comley
  • FREE Spiderwork by LK Rigel
  • FREE Inspector Zhang Gets His Wish by Stephen Leather
  • FREE Virtual Strangers by Ola Zaltin
  • FREE Squatter With a Lexus by Tom Lichtenberg
  • FREE Raisinheart by Tom Lichtenberg
  • FREE The Adventures of Kid Combat Volume II by Christopher A Helwink
  • FREE One Bite by M.K. Elliott
  • FREE Summer Wishes by Kailin Gow
  • FREE I’ll Make You Remember Me by William Butler
  • FREE The Magic of Windlier Wood by N. R. Williams
  • FREE Horror and Crap by Joshua Scribner
  • FREE Soul Swap – Promises by Carrie Olguin
  • FREE Wings of Evil by J R Tomlin
  • FREE Tangleshock by Steve Games
  • FREE Bullied by Christopher Smith
  • FREE Stain of Mind by Scott Logan
  • FREE Being Happy by David Tuffley
  • FREE Black Silk by Jan Gordon
  • FREE Sweet Dream, Silver Screen by Moxie Mezcal
  • FREE Dead Man’s Eye by Shaun Jeffrey
  • FREE Voluntary Peasants by Melvyn Stiriss
  • FREE Expressions of Freedom by Gareth Lewis
  • FREE Already Gone (Teaser Chapters) by John Rector
  • FREE Paris Noire (Teaser Chapters) by Francine Thomas Howard
  • FREE Unraveling Anne (Teaser Chapters) by Laurel Saville

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