[Giveaway] Anvir Task Manager

AnVir Task Manager is a great software to manage almost all aspects of your system. It is capable to detect and perform operations like tweaking and remove viruses, manage services, startup actions, etc..

Get full details of your system and running processes, what kind of network traffic is going back and forth, performance graph, open files, etc..

Additional details are available like cpu usage, hard drive information, temp, status, etc, battery information, memory RAM information and status and more.

Includes a malware analysis tool that can perform detection of potential unwanted programs and provides risk analysis as well. If it finds a proble, you can run the scan with virustotal with 50 antivirus engines in the cloud.

It also offers system speedup tools to increase system boot time and performance.




Thanks to AnVir software we can offer to our users a full version free of charge!

How to get this giveaway?

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3. Get license here

4. Download here: http://www.anvir.com/download.htm

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  1. Mr.Dave says:

    I’m confused. The download link leads to 3 choices: free, portable (free), and pro versions. The link at the top of this page is “…tipradar.com/anvir-task-manager-pro-coupon-code.html”. I downloaded and installed the pro version, entered the license code, it was accepted. When program restarted, it was a TRIAL version. I entered the name (Tipradar) and key again and was told I’m running the Pro version and key is not valid for that. So how do I get the non-pro version, or a key that works for the pro version? If the key is only good for the free version, then what’s the point of the giveaway?

    By the way, this is a great program, been using it for years, but now I lost my old license while trying to install this new version (get the same message, key doesn’t work on Pro version).

    Thanks for any help!

    • TipRadar says:

      it is for the standard version

    • William says:

      Good Day Sir,

      Simple fix. Please go to the vendors website.

      Forget about all the other stuff you have read as to go here or there. Go specifically to the vendors website.

      Please find the product you are looking for with the installer to download.

      Please download and install the Pro version of this product.

      Simple fix: Please inset the info as required.

      It should be registered in the name of ‘Tipradar’ and you will need to retrieve the license at the address given for the product at TipRadar.

      Look for ‘3. Get license here’on the giveaway page.

      But; do not retrieve the product (installer) from the website listed there; go to vendors page for that specific product.

      You should have no problems.

      And please remember your keycode so not to lose it 🙂

  2. r vm says:

    Gone Try out this nice offer.

  3. miasma says:

    Excellent giveaway, thanks!

  4. mishasin says:

    Thanks for the great giveaway. Keep up the good work.
    Best regards

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