[Contest] SpyShelter Premium Edition

Gone are the days when we can rely only on our antivirus for a complete security. As the day passes viruses, malwares, spywares etc. are getting harder to get rid of. Moreover even hackers are also trying every possible ways to stamp their supremacy over security solutions.

Previously a virus attack would lead us either to a pc slowdown or missing/corrupted files but now it can be even worse than those. With the help of scarewares and rogue software hackers can claim ransom form the infected users or with the help of keyloggers or other spy programs they can steal vital information, confidential login data or bank account details.

To specially protect form keyloggers and other various spy programs, Trojans there is a very interesting tool, its name is SpyShelter. There are few other tools also which claims to do a similar job but none better than SpyShelter. It is certainly the best Anti-Spy and Anti-Keylogging tool around. Now, if you scroll down below, you will find few notable features of SphyShelter and reasons why I rated it so highly.

SpyShelter is light, simple and easy to use anti-spy and anti-keylogging tool. It constantly monitors the system and protects against dangerous keyloggers and Trojans. Not only keyloggers it can also protect against webcam loggers, screen loggers and even sound loggers. This is a perfect tool to protect against sophisticated programs that capture keystrokes and steal passwords and other valuable information.

The interface is clean and simplistic. All the features and tools are organized under six tabs. The first tab is the protection and it lists all the available protection modes. From here any mode can be easily be activated or deactivated. The second tab is the Black/White lists, and from the name itself it can be easily understood that all the applications are listed here. Next is the Log window which keeps a log of the recent applications opened and action taken for it. The fourth tab is Restricted apps. This is an experimental feature, which allows us to open any application in restricted manner so as to increase the chances of blocking attacks via apps leaks. This mode restricts access to system resources such as registry, files and so on. The fifth tab is the settings tab. Along with general settings there are also few advanced settings also. You can even set the security level from here. The last tab is the about tab.

Along with checking updates, we can also report a bug from here. Let’s see few notable features of SpyShelter:

-KeyLogger protection (kernel mode )
-Webcam Logger protection
-System Defense
-Internet security
-Clipboard Logger protection
-Screen Logger protection
-Anti Sound logger

All the above features and few others like 64bit support, light on resource, easy to use etc makes SpyShelter certainly the best anti-spy and anti-keylogger. It comes in two flavors- SpyShelter Personal Free and SpyShelter Premium.

Review by amazingAG


In cooperation with SpyShelter (sponsor of this giveaway), we can offer 10 licenses to get the Full  Version of SpyShelter Premium!

To get the chance to win:

1 – subscribe to our email Feeds (remember to check your inbox for the activation link)

2 – submit a comment to this post with a valid email address (will be used to send the license)

3 – (optional but very appreciated) follow us on twitter or facebook.

We would be happy if you could share this giveaway. Thank you.

Winners will be selected using random.org

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  1. joa13 says:

    Spy Shelter is very good sofware to protect PC, even it free version is very good to protect from keyloggers, screen loggers and other threats. I really like this software. Great contest. Please count me in. 🙂



  2. Ben Uecker says:

    Cool Giveaway! More security is always better especially with the recent increase in hackers.

  3. Ksenia says:

    Participating! I have their Free version and it’s awesome. They are very generous with their Freeware, only a few things are disabled. I would love to have the PRO version…! This is truly an excellent product, tells you right away who is spying on you! A ”10” program!

  4. Harold Short says:

    Thanks again for the contest. Never heard of the software but it sounds like a nice piece of software.

  5. BillGoats says:

    Great giveaway. Such a good program. Some lucky readers will be very happy with this.
    Good work TipRadar

  6. Johnny says:

    count me in

  7. Ashwin says:

    Good review Arnab 🙂

    Don’t count me in for this contest as I already have a license.

    Good luck to the participants

  8. Have says:

    Best program! Me.

  9. Himanshu says:

    Subscribed!… Please also count me in.

  10. nomad says:

    Count me in please!

  11. sragan5 says:

    I really do need a good anti-keylogger and anti-spyware tool, and SpyShelter is one of the best. Thanks so much for this opportunity.

  12. shahyash says:

    Please count me in for this contest.

  13. Dacko says:

    SpyShelter Premium is an excellent antilogger software with very good HIPS. In one of the future version will implement a firewall. Thank for this giveaway contest. Good luck to all.


  14. thanhdabtsgvn says:

    Sound good. Please count me in. Thank you.

  15. Parvez says:

    I had already use SpyShelter Personal Free and it really provide very good protection against keylogger.Its HIPS is also very good. I would love to use its Premium version.Please count me in.

  16. Rajca says:

    Yay. Using free license since forever. Would love to have pro option. Just yesterday I was checking website and thought about purchase…

  17. Cool says:

    thank you awesome giveaway!
    please count me in thank again.

  18. Ng says:

    thank please count me in!

  19. Kraz says:

    Amazing giveaway! I need this so count me in! 😉

  20. yup says:

    1st comment..I hope i will get one..Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  21. Jank says:

    Program świetny, korzystam z jego darmowej wersji.

  22. Farzad Alipour says:

    thank you so much for the giveaway, hope i win 🙂

  23. gargi2221 says:

    SpyShelter is awesome; the best Anti-Key-Logger!
    Please count me in. Thank you Tipradar!

  24. Amit says:

    Thank You for this great opportunity.
    I am using a well known AV for protecting my PC but i want some kind ot extra protection which should be effective but with low resource consumption.As I read this review ,would like to have this nice tool.

  25. paddy says:


    Can’t have enough protection these days and this is a real gem, so please count me in.

    Good Luck to All.

  26. Remsen says:

    Nice giveaway 🙂
    count me in

  27. julian 303 says:

    Thanks.Count me in

  28. Rafael says:

    I’m a subscriber, thanks for this giveaway and please count me in..

  29. Michał says:

    Please count me in! I must have it to protect my computer!

  30. jerzy601 says:

    znakomity program do ochrony naszego systemu przed keyllogerami.mam nadzieje wygrac jedna z licencji.

  31. sysabi says:

    I would like to take a part in this contest. Thnaks!

  32. ja hoor says:

    Nice program

  33. alzie says:

    use free version very good although lots of alerts

  34. walang_sangit says:

    that I was waiting for finally came, if I combine with an antivirus that I have today I’m sure will be very solid defenses, please count me in

  35. Chicco says:

    Wow, many thanks for this contest. SpyShelter is a great and useful security software. Please, count me in.

  36. LALUNA says:

    Nice giveaway…
    Please count me in….

  37. glob.o.troter says:

    I use free version, program is very good, please count me in

  38. Caramel says:

    Count me in

  39. Harold Short says:

    I will try this again, I do not know why my posts are not being posted but as i say i will try again. Thanks again for the contest. Never heard of the software but it sounds like a nice piece of software.

  40. lalayola1 says:

    Hoping for it.
    Count me in.

  41. Vick Silva says:

    SpyShelter is great security software. Here in tipradar we always find good softwares.

  42. Richard says:

    My IE homepage was recently hijacked and it took me hours to get it back to normal – I could really do with a program like this to prevent a repeat performance!

  43. Cool says:

    please count me in!

  44. hakah says:

    SpyShelter premium is the ideal software which can really protect your system from antiloggers and spy programs. It is very simple to work with and it restricts any access of applications or programs to your system registry and monitor your system well.
    Please count me in this Giveaway and special thanks to TipRadar.com for organizing this Special Giveaway Event!

  45. Bala says:

    Good review Arnab. I really love this software and think its much better than Zemmena, so hope i can win this software. Count me in please. I really hope to win this one, never won a tipradar blog giveaway. Thank-you.

  46. paolo says:

    Thanks for this giveaway
    I am using the free version and i need e key
    Very goog soft

  47. Pivoman says:

    Great giveaway, great software!
    Please count me in.

  48. dhruv says:

    Nice Review. SpyShelter is a great software.
    Please count me in.

  49. ha14 says:

    Additional protection provided by spyshelter is a must to overcome thise days malware attacks.

  50. Angel Velichkov says:

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  51. Shishegar says:

    Count me in please

  52. malkhaz says:

    Thanks, AG, for the nice review, please, count me in! shared and tweeted

  53. pete says:

    Excellent addition to security arsenal!

  54. joa13 says:

    I really like Spy Shelter Premium and I want to win it.

    Yesterday I wrote comment in this topic, where is it?



  55. RockinRoll says:

    Great giveaway of a very useful program. Some people will be very happy to win this. Thanks TipRadar.

  56. Michael says:

    Great giveaway…one of the top app in security,
    this one relly blocks keyloggers..great protection for old and new pc’s..
    thanks TIPRADAR

  57. Charlie Brown says:

    Thank you TipRadar and Spy Shelter.
    Currently I am using Zemana AntiLogger, but I’d like to try out this one too.
    Please, count me in.

  58. slai says:

    Count me in.

  59. fa fabba says:

    The best specially form anti-keylogger.
    Please count me in.

  60. Rajesh says:

    Nice to have this software. It gives immense security satisfaction

  61. Andy says:

    Thank you for this giveaway.
    I want to win this program because since December I will be using Windows 7 and I would effectively protect my computer before keyloggers.
    So I want to win SpyShelterr Premium.
    Please, count me in and sorry for my english.

  62. Terieron says:

    I trust him the most…

  63. SACHIN says:

    Thanks for giveaway.Please count me in.

  64. -!-Nam - Battai-!- says:

    Count me in :)!

  65. dinosaur07 says:

    Thanks a lot for this opportunity, i used this software before and was very happy about it. I`d like to try the new version to see what changed so pls count me in. Thanks

  66. Jane Craft says:

    I also have used the trial version and its pretty good,hope to win the full version thanks to this site.

  67. jumbi says:

    great piece of software, count me in!

  68. Kerry says:

    Thanks you can count me in!! Need the software!!

  69. chef field says:

    Spyshelter is very useful software. Extra security layer… Thanks for giveaway!

  70. Rajca says:

    Yay. Using free license since forever. Would love to have pro option. Just yesterday I was checking website and thought about purchase…

  71. Serena says:

    This program sounds great and better than other products on the market, thanks for the giveaway.

  72. aha hoplar says:

    thanks for the good security offer.

  73. Stevan says:


    SpyShelter Personal Free was my favorite security tool but I have to stop using it because a year ago I’ve start using x64 bit OS and it need paid version.

    So that’s my reason and defenitely cout me in!


  74. Richard Gilberg says:

    Wow what a great contest, i could use this secutity on my computer

  75. fr33stlyl3r says:

    This is an excellent anti-keylogger.

    The free version is still very good (but with 32 bit systems limited support).

    The Premium has 4 more features:

    1. AntiWebCamLogger
    2. AntiSoundRecorder
    3. AntiNetworkSpy
    4. 64 bit systems support

  76. Huse says:

    Please count me in this contest. Thank-you very much TipRadar!

  77. billy13 says:

    ……….please count me in….!!!

  78. haclong0901 says:

    thanks you

    i want to receive this license

    Please count me in! I must have it to protect my computer!

  79. pkolasa says:

    Wonderful, that you’ve created that contest. SpyShelter can be a good program to help me protect my computer, as it is one of the greatest programs made in Poland – my country 😉 Please, count me in.

  80. Caesar Navarro says:

    Nowdays only having Antivirus software is not enough you need to have extra security and protection. So as i read this review, I would like have this good tool.

  81. Kimberly says:

    Hello and thank you for putting up this great software. In today’s world you can never be to careful.

  82. drWoo says:

    Good program! Thanks TipRadar!

  83. Giveaway Day says:

    Program rewelacyjny! SpyShelter is probably the best Anti-Key-Logger! Please count me in. Thank you Tipradar!

  84. Hans says:

    I hope have a chance to try this. Thanks TipRadar.

  85. David Hagan says:

    Here is what i had to say on my Facebook. And I love this site. That is the truth.


  86. ambadi says:

    It would be so cool to have the best spyware in the world.

  87. Cao trường Đức says:

    Hope I will win

  88. Philip says:

    Great offer-Thanks!!

  89. Grr says:

    thanks Bro,

    Please count me in.



  90. alro says:

    nice software.count me in,thanks

  91. Nikanth says:

    Great software..
    Count me in please………

  92. Cuba says:

    It’s one of the best software to help protect from keyloggers and stealing sensitive data from computer.
    Many thanks for this giveaway! Please count me in…


  93. Huynh Hon says:

    Great giveaway!
    Please ciunt me in!

  94. sravi says:

    a great anti keylogger. Pl count me in for the giveaway.

  95. GHST says:

    Pls count me in!

  96. Lee says:

    Awesome giveaway – would work a treat with Zemana anti-logger as well!

  97. Donald Sylvester says:

    I would love to add this to laptop.

  98. alfin2021 says:

    Great giveaway please count me in.
    Thanks Tipradar

  99. Ostul says:

    This program is better than Zemana AntiLogger because SpyShellter Premium is supported for 64 bit windows, i need it count me in!

  100. James000 says:

    SpyShelter is really a good one; so count

    me in, please.

    Thanks for the giveaway !

  101. nizxb says:

    Thanks for the Giveaway.Please count me in.

  102. numpayak says:

    It’s a good program protection my pc.
    Count me in please.

  103. Jane Smith says:

    Oh, Mama, I have to get one of this.

  104. Tuấn Arsenal says:

    very nice, pls count me, thx you.

  105. Alex says:

    very good security software! thanks for the giveaway!!!

  106. Scott Slayton says:

    Please count me in.

  107. yolman says:

    count me in

  108. abi6 says:

    Wow,thanks thanks thanks !!!!!

  109. kemal asık says:

    a great anti keylogger. Pl count me in for the giveaway.

  110. Pawel says:

    Super program

  111. allin77 says:

    Super program in support of basic computer security.
    I am currently using another program, but I would like to change.
    Thanks 🙂

  112. Dubz says:

    Thank you and please count me in too, great software, great giveaway!

  113. himm3i says:

    Thanks and please count me in!

  114. messkut says:

    SpyShelter is one of the best complement programs to conventional antivirus, so please count me in!

  115. toraman says:

    super program
    thanks tipradar…..

  116. Marlene V says:

    I would love to win this — thanks I subscribe via email

  117. ganesh says:

    Its is great security enhancement software.Thanks tipradar for this great giveaway.Please count me in

  118. zonel says:

    thank you very much for the giveaway..

  119. Jhony says:

    This a fantastic giveaway.Hope I get a license key too.You can count me in.

    Here is my tweet:


  120. Beetzme says:

    Please include me – Thanks.

  121. John Matt says:

    One of the best and most powerful of its kind. Count me in

  122. siami says:

    thank you for the giveaway.

  123. John d says:

    count me in

    john d

  124. Buntydee says:

    Please count me in for Spy Shelter

  125. RizSid says:

    count me for this Gem.

  126. barabara3g says:

    Great giveaway, great software!
    Please count me in.

  127. Quan says:

    Thank you and please count me in too, great software, great giveaway!

  128. David Hagan says:

    Let me have one of these please……..

  129. GHST says:

    pls count me in

  130. Mahafuz says:

    Lucrative, exceptional, curious for a PC user. Don’t you think that I also have a PC and I use it? If yes, then why are you making delay? Hurry up and send me the gift dear. Thanks.

  131. pwsz says:

    Great giveaway, please count me in this contest.
    Thanks TipRadar

  132. mustafa says:

    Please count me in.
    Thank you.

  133. maxcio says:

    Great! count me in.
    Thanks TipRadar

  134. relly says:

    well,really a great giveaway ,sure can use it along with my antivirus to provide me more security, and peace of mind,and worry free using my computer while surfing, skyping, chatting , sounds really good, hope to win one license, thanks alot TipRadar……

  135. Z says:

    Count me in and THX for this

  136. padaka says:

    Thanks for this Giveaway.
    Please count me in.

  137. Larry says:

    Nice program, count me in please.

  138. Nathan says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this excellent giveaway!

  139. ReviewsAntivirus says:

    SpyShelter Premium edition of this acclaimed program’s biggest computer security against interception of data entered by the user who created and developed in Poland.

    The program in this version has a free editing functionality, such as protection against interception of data entered via the keyboard, video screen and the contents of the clipboard. Additionally SpyShelter Premium comes with a set of modules that protect your computer from capturing an image from a webcam, audio and other data sent over the network. In the case of 32-bit edition of Windows is also subject to the protection of the kernel. Individual modules can be deactivated in the settings of the program (this is not recommended).

    The tool is based on the mechanism of formation of black and white lists. In case of any suspicious activity is detected SpyShelter alerts, and you must decide whether to block or allow the action. List created in this way, rules can be conveniently managed from within the program. You can add and delete entries and their export or import from a text file. On the list may also find the files or folders. Importantly, access to the tool can be password protected from other users of your computer.

    Please note that SpyShelter is not a typical anti-virus software and should be used only as a complement. Among the advantages of the program should include low system requirements, and also no need to update signature database and high efficiency in the identification of yet unknown threats.

    Sorry, I’m using Google Translator.


  140. ademus1a says:

    Spyshelter is very useful software. Please count me in.
    Thanks TipRadar

  141. kyu says:

    Count me in please!

  142. Grim says:

    Anti-loggers are a essential part of any computers security spy shelter has a good price but free is better!

  143. Thanhdabtsgvn says:

    Good software. Please count me in. Thank you.

  144. Gogh says:

    This great giveaway. I need more protection of layer security. I have good Internet Security but i need this also. more layer protection more strong my protection against malware or even hackers. I really need this.
    count me in.
    thanks tipradar for this giveaway.

  145. guy says:

    Count me in for this very powerful antispy.

  146. Roy says:

    Hello Tipradar,
    Please,after two requests to consider me for a Full version of SpyShelter Premium,I cannot find my “plea” to get this outstanding software anywhere in and amongst all the requests.
    I would appreciate receiving this GREAT software as a birthday present as I am turning 73 on the 24th December.
    I really hope that the competition is not already over?
    Regards and best wishes to all and Happy Holidays

  147. rebel says:

    Thanks for the opportunity. Count me in, please.


  148. joni owada says:

    This sounds like just the protection we need for our computer…we have been having lots of problems with viruses, and spyware and who knows what else.

    I follow via email, I liked on FB and I followed on Twitter(JoniOwada)

    Please count me in!

  149. southtownguy says:

    I would love to win a copy of Spyshelter. Seems like a quality program and it will help me out greatly

  150. friend says:

    please count me in

  151. Roy says:

    Hello tipradar & spyshelter.
    Had a great dream that I was one of the lucky ones who got this GREAT software and that I would no more have PC problems.
    Perhaps with my upcoming birthday I could still strike it rich.
    To all at tipradar & spyshelter the very best wishes for the upcoming holidays.
    Very best regards


  152. Frank says:

    Excellent Giveaway. Hope to win this1.

  153. Katja K says:

    Please count me in!
    Spyshelter is the best!

  154. Ken says:

    Thanks for this great offer. I’m a fan of security and I like to win SpyShelter Premium. Thanks

  155. Mygan says:

    Please count me in.

  156. rafikrafiki says:

    Super program. Useful to me as an additional protection. 🙂

  157. baarao7 says:

    Thanks for great giveaway! Please, count me in.

  158. wwcanoer says:

    Looks like software that I should try. Please count me in.

  159. skn.collose says:

    SpyShelter is the best antilogger software. Thanks for this giveaway.

  160. wasko2d says:

    This a fantastic giveaway. Please count me in.

  161. monkostar says:

    SpyShelter is awesome. Please count me in. Thank you Tipradar 🙂

  162. jack444 says:

    Thanks for great giveaway. Please, count me in 🙂

  163. cregfast says:

    Great software. Please count me in.

  164. anh says:

    great software, i want it.

  165. bala says:

    Count me in.

  166. alanpak67 says:

    This a fantastic giveaway. Please count me in.

  167. Anthony says:

    Count me in.

  168. Narendra Chaudhary says:

    I’m in for license

  169. andres says:

    es una buena opcion para complementar el antivirus de tu computadora ya que a cada segundo sale un nuevo virus.

  170. Aguarius says:

    Great software, thanks!

  171. jumbi says:

    yes, count me in 🙂

  172. lalayola1 says:

    Wonderful software.
    Count me in.

  173. rafikrafiki says:

    please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please,please, please,
    please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please,please, please,

  174. opdoktor says:

    good software thanks

  175. rusirucreat says:

    Fantastic software. Thanks for superb giveaway. Plz count me in.



  176. merotar26 says:

    Thanks for great giveaway. Please, count me in.

  177. Roy says:

    Hi Tipradar/SpyShelter
    Will be leaving for a few days to the beach and thought I would give it one more try at getting this great software namely SpyShelter Premium.
    Hope that the “contest” has not ended?
    To all staff at Tipradar & SpyShelter and also to all “contestants” who entered BEST wishes for the holidays and a joyful Xmas
    PS Using another email address as a temp.
    Regards to everyone and once again thanks for a most reliable piece of software namely Spyshelter

  178. romica74 says:

    Thanks . Best giveaway . Best program . Please count me in .

  179. Gonzo says:

    Please count me in!

  180. opdoktor says:


  181. tarmero says:

    Great giveaway please count me in.
    Thanks Tipradar 🙂

  182. rafikrafiki says:

    Very nice software.count me in,thanks.

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