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Publisher’s Description: It’s not a music manager, tag editor, cd ripper, audio converter, mp3 analyzer, duplicate finder, cd burner, player or scrobbler. It’s a little bit of everything. Get more from your music collection. Get Helium Music Manager.

Basic overview of the features
• Import Files
• Manage Files
• Play Files
• Tag Files
• Explore Files
• On-the-go

Now let’s explore each feature in a bit of detail

Importing Files
Helium Music Manger 8 supports mp3, mp4, wav, aac, m4a, wma, ogg, flac, WavPack, mpc and ape. You can also rip your CD’s. Helium Music Manager will search online sources for track names so you won’t need to type it in. Album covers are also downloaded on-demand so you will get a visually appealing collection. You can also scan your computer for music, add vinyl, cassette or other media, and easily import your library from Windows Media Player, iTunes, Winamp or Media Monkey.

Manage Files
With Helium Music Manager 8, you can organize folders and files, convert to and from all supported file formats, eliminate duplicate content, and analyze and repair broken files.

Play music, scrobble to Last.fm, stream through Shoutcast. Show your friends what you are playing on Windows Live Messenger. Display visual effects and enjoy automatic playback with built-in features. Get automatic music recommendation and let Helium Music Manager suggest music that fits together with what you’re playing. You can enable the Auto Enqueue mode to make automatic playlists that cues up tracks on-the-fly. Helium Music Manger 8 also features Helium Remote for iPhone which lets you control your entire music collection from your iPhone or iPod Touch. Helium Music Manager 8 Tracks your listening habits. Every single track played is logged. Go back to a certain date to see what you were listening to at that party you had. View a statistical overview of your music experience throughout time.

Add or correct missing or incorrect meta-data using the many tools available for tagging your files. Remove, switch, add or copy tag contents between files and fields using batch operations. Download artist pictures and album art, use automate tagging tasks, download meta-data, or manually add or correct meta-data.

Helium Music Manger 8 offers many different ways of browsing your music. Browse album and artist pictures as well as detailed listings. Easily filter your content, search for your favorites and create playlists. Browsing options include Album Browser, Artist Browser, Music Explorer, you can filter content, find forgotten favorites, or use Charts and statistics.

Synchronize to your *iPod, Creative Zen or other portable music device, cell phone or netbook. Burn Audio or Data CDs, export playlists and create reports for printing. Synchronize portable devices, burn music and data CDs, stream your music, and create printable reports

With Helium Music Manger 8, you can also burn Audio/Data CD’s and DVD’s

Extra Features only available in the Premium version
• CD ripper
• Music library groupings 32
• Auto enqueue / party shuffle modes available 8
• Audio CD support
• Remote control software for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
• Tag editor for tagging subtracks (many tracks within the same file)
• Advanced searching and filtering possibilities
• Album view & Artist view
• Music Browser view with web-style interface and detailed statistics
• Mass-downloading of album art & artists pictures
• Automatic and manual BPM-counter
• Action manager allowing batch tagging actions
• Database support – Access, SQL Server, SQL Express or MySQL (locally)

Helium Music Manager 8 Premium is an excellent music manager and player. With plenty of features, options, and a beautiful and easy to navigate interface, Helium Music Manager 8 is a top performer in music management and playback.
For more information please visit:

In cooperation with http://www.helium-music-manager.com (sponsor of this giveaway), we can offer 10 licenses to get the Full  Version of Helium Music Manager!

To get the chance to win:

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2 – submit a comment to this post with a valid email address (will be used to send the license)

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Winners will be selected using random.org

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