[Contest winners] SpyShelter Premium

Here are the winners of the contest:  SpyShelter Premium. Total codes 10. The first 10 users in the list will get one license each.


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  1. malkhaz says:

    again lost, but, no problem, congratulations to the winners

  2. niroop says:

    I am glad i am a winner.

    I haven’t got my key yet.Haven’t you sent the key yet sir.
    I just want to confirm.



  3. Santa says:

    Hey thank I am one of the winner. But have not received the license yet. Is it just me or same with other winner too?

    Thank again.

  4. amazingAG says:

    @ALL the winners

    It is Christmas time guys, so it might take bit longer for you to receive your license. Just enjoy the holidays and your license will surely arrive on your inbox.

    Thank you.

  5. winner says:

    Hey @amazingAG its not like we are trolling but isn’t it takes too ling for a license to be sent? Did you guy contacted the developer? Well just in case because still have not received my license yet 🙁

  6. niroop says:

    Sir ,i haven’t got my key yet.
    Can you please confirm whether company sends the license key to the winners or not??


  7. giveawayday says:

    I haven’t got my key yet.Haven’t you sent the key yet sir.

  8. Quan says:

    me too
    I haven’t got my key yet

  9. amazingAG says:

    I understand all your concerns regarding the delay. Anyway you will receive the license within a day or two.

    Thank you 🙂

  10. Himanshu says:

    Yahoo!!..I am a winner!!

  11. niroop says:

    Thanks i got my license.

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