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Imagine that you have just bought a new computer. What program will you install first of all? I think that the answer is very simple, of course, Winrar! This program is the most popular program after operating system and browsers among the computer users. You can find it everywhere on the Internet and download. But why is it so popular? There are many reasons. Firstly, the most of the information on the Internet is distributed through archive files. Secondly, you can easily decrease the size of your file by the help of Winrar. Thirdly, Winrar has got a lot of great features which other similar programs does not have at all. Winrar is a powerful utility for creating and managing archive files. It contains a wide range of additional useful features as well. You can compress better than any other similar programs can do.

The first version of Winrar was released in 1995 and the latest one 4.20 one week ago, on June 14, 2012. This new version has a lot of improvements and fixes (you can find everything about the changes here http://rarlab.com/rarnew.htm). We can say without exaggeration that Winrar is the best compression-decompression program for every day use.

The installation file of Winrar is very small, only about 2MB. The installation process is very fast and easy. It supports more than forty languages-English, French, etc. and has separate installers for 32 and 64bit OS.

The main interface of Winrar is very attractive and comfortable (but if you want to customize its appearance you can additionally download more themes official Winrar site- http://rarlab.com/themes.htm).

The main interface consists of six menu buttons: 1. File, 2. Commands, 3. Tools, 4. Favorites, 5. Options and 6. Help. Besides that below those buttons you can find the special Control buttons for easy manipulating with archives: Add, Extract to, etc.

File menu button allows you to open and save files, specify the default password, copy and paste files, select the group, exit the program and quickly go to the last used archives. Commands menu button allows you to perform various operations with files, for example, view, delete, rename, print file, etc. Tools menu button has a special tool called Wizard. By the help of it you can extract archive, add files to an existing archive. In addition, you can also check the archives for viruses, restore, convert, find and show information of files. Favorite menu button allows you to add a specific file to favorites and organize the list of files. Option menu button contains the basic settings of the program. Help menu contains instruction about using the program, Winrar web page and brief information about the program.

Winrar has got a lot of great features:

1) It supports many compression formats- RAR, ZIP, CAB(Cabinet File-the format of Microsoft), ARJ(Data compression format developed by Robert Jung), LZH(Data compression format developed by Haruyasu Yoshizaki. At first it was used for other platforms, but later also for Windows operating system), ACE, 7-ZIP, TAR(Tape Archive), GZIP(Data compression format mainly used for UNIX/LINUX operating system), UUE(UUENCODE), BZ2(Data compression format mainly used for UNIX/LINUX operating system), JAR(Java Archive File, the special format for Java applications), ISO and Z(Data compression format mainly used for UNIX/LINUX operating system).

2) Winrar uses 6 different compression methods- Store, Fastest, Fast, Normal, Good and Best.

3) Winrar can split into several parts, you can only choose the size in B, KB or GBs.

4) Winrar can create so called SFX(self -extracting files). This feature is very useful because you can easily open a file on that computer where Winrar is not installed.

5) Winrar can encrypt files with the special algorithm AES. It uses 128-bit encryption method which is very secure.

6) Winrar supports Unicode documents as well as NTFS file system.

7) Winrar can work with very big files. The maximum size is not limited. You can compress-decompress files which exceed billion gigabytes.

8) Winrar can be easily integrated into Windows Explorer for comfortable working with archived files.

9) Winrar supports Command line and multi-core processors.

The constant development of Winrar, its unstoppable improvement has made it the must-have program for every day use. Its simplicity and great features are really very needful and useful for everybody. It is difficult to imagine the modern computers without it.

Reviewer: Sir William of Palerne

In cooperation with RARLAB (sponsor of this giveaway), we can offer 3 licenses of WinRAR 4.20. To get the chance to win:

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2 – like the WinRAR Facebook page

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  1. Darwin says:

    Wonderful giveaway. WinRAR may be old, but I still think it’s the best compression software there is. I would like to have one.

  2. DhulK says:

    Thanks for this giveaway, TipRadar.

  3. Carlos R. says:

    Great piece of sofware. But it can be even better with a plugin system to support extraction of other file formats.
    Count me in for this contest!

  4. UnLuckyZone says:

    oh, winrar again. Count me in.

  5. Tybor says:

    It’s the best compression software there is. I would like to have one.

  6. barda says:

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  7. Shishegar says:

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  8. Tran Huy says:

    winrar is the best software!
    I love winrar!!!!!

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  10. Ande says:

    WinRAR is the best packer ever.
    I would love to have a licensed copy to the wonderful program.

  11. Blinky says:

    me too! thank!

  12. Black_Hawk says:

    No Giveaway can match this. Winrar – The most essential stuff after OS(off course Hardware as well :P). Would love to win a Genuine License for Winrar. Thnx Tipradar for an opportunity to win.

  13. Tadek says:

    Great software .
    Please count me in 🙂

  14. dimek says:

    Nice giveaway! I need WinRAR! Please count me in

  15. qwer0 says:

    Very nice giveaway

    Best regards

  16. yash shah says:

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  17. Serdar says:

    Thanks for giveaway. WinRAR is the best compression tool.

  18. Michael Albertosi says:

    great app,,count me in

  19. sankar says:

    this is an essential software..really like to have it

  20. Amit says:

    I am using its trial version.
    Will be glad to have one of the license
    Thank You.

  21. Jim-1 says:

    Thanks! 🙂

  22. Ghost says:

    Thanks For campaign.Good Giveaway.

  23. Srdjan says:

    I need it badly!!! Thank you for this great giveaway!!!!

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    thank you

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  27. milxxon says:

    WinRAR é o melhor programa que existe para comprimir e descomprimir arquivos, excelente software. eu quero ganhar uma chave para atualizar o meu que é trial e tem funçoes limitadas.

  28. Michal says:

    I love this software 🙂

  29. Ernie says:

    Great software. Count me in.

  30. MoonWolf says:

    This is a Wonderful giveaway. Will be glad to have one of the license
    Thank You.

  31. ditch says:

    Something I would treasure as it is so useful. Please include me. Thanks.

  32. William says:

    Best compression software there is. I could really use this.

  33. William says:

    One day am going to win this lol. try and try again thank You for the chance.

  34. LarryDarren says:

    Really would appreciate this program.
    Count me in thanks.
    Google +’d.

  35. Mario says:

    Hi, great product! Time to upgrade, if possible.
    Please count me in
    mario from brasil

  36. Alexander S says:

    thanks for the giveaway hope to win

  37. Saeed says:

    Special thanks for TipRadar and your nice giveaway, please count me in

    Best Regards!

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    great software

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  39. Brian G says:

    I would love to get a copy. I think it is the best compression software out there.

  40. freedude says:

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  41. Anton M says:

    Thanks for this giveaway! Please count me in. Reference shared on facebook, twitter and Google+ I wish all win!

  42. maravilhoso,para descompactar para mim é o melhor.,nota 10.

  43. Scotty says:

    I want it badly! Regards:)

  44. Mr Vampire says:

    count me in.plz

  45. KK says:

    Pls count me in. THank you

  46. As1c says:

    this is a great gift. without winrar I can no longer work. a license would be very happy.

  47. ivan says:

    Thanks giveaway, Nice tools. count me in please. Thanks


  48. anlvdt says:

    winrar is always my best choice, love it

  49. TR777 says:

    I love WinRAR. Hope to win! Thank You!

  50. Jacob says:

    I’ve been using Winrar 3.62 for the longest time and running in on my new PC seems to be like driving a new car with an old coat of paint, having a spanking new version would really make my day! Thanks!

  51. Huynh Hon says:

    Great giveaway!I am happy to participate! Thanks a lot!

  52. Venkateshmurthy says:

    Great utility software. Pl. count me in

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  69. biju abraham says:

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  70. Niklas says:

    I own winrar 3 and would be happy to get a free winrar 4 license =) Thanks for this giveaway!

  71. John says:

    Nice giveaway, big fan of WinRar.

  72. Emmers says:

    Winrar that’s great gift, the programme which should have each.
    Thank You.

  73. Lester says:

    Yeah! thanks tipradar and RARLAB giving away this Great file compressing product!!

  74. firdaus says:

    winrar is the best software in my laptop….i want to try new version..count me in…

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    Great software
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  91. Dinesh Kumar says:

    great software . Will take a chance to have a license . twitted here https://twitter.com/pantherchd/status/232844038347292673 .thanks for the giveaway

  92. Szuri21 says:

    Thanks for the giveaway. WinRar is a must have software! Please count me in.

  93. Gaurav says:

    WinRAR is one of those apps that hasn’t got bloated despite being there for so many years and the UI is also the best – doesn’t do stupid UI changes. Would be nice to win a license.

  94. Cool says:

    thank for this awesome software giveaway!
    please count me in too

  95. Cristhian Ligio says:

    Ohhh sweet WinRAR…

  96. Ashok Kumar Mekap says:

    I will be glad to win a license of this wonderful software.

  97. amazingAG says:

    want to try my luck in this. Please count me in SM. Thanks

  98. geetha says:

    Please count me in too. I like Winrar. It is fast and easy to use and no bloat. Currently using Trial version but would like to win it. Thanks.

  99. Anton Bil says:

    Thanks for this Giveaway. Please count me in.

  100. costcomp says:

    Great product, I would really like to win this. Thanks RARLAB and Tipradar

  101. dandy says:

    nice giveaway.
    It supports many compression formats.

  102. Grr says:

    Thanks. Please count me in.

    Thanks, Grr

  103. Andy says:

    Thanks for great giveaway.
    Now I use 7zip but WinRAR is the best from all programs to archive files.
    So please count me in.

  104. JanuszG says:

    Thanks for this giveaway

  105. drWoo says:

    WinRAR it’s the best compression software that I know so far.
    Please count me in.

  106. Indianatone says:

    Everyone needs (de)compression software and WinRAR is the standard others are set by. Count me in. Thanks.

  107. FREEEEMAN says:

    The best compression tool ever…

  108. Andrzej says:

    Sir William thank you.:)
    WinRAR the best file compressor.
    I want to win.;)

  109. Riya says:

    Winrar is the best in its field and I would be very happy to receive it 🙂

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    I love WinRar! I’ve been using for so long and would love to get the new version 🙂
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    Winrar is the best nothing else can match it,especially its wizard feature,its little size of the setup exe is a great point,If I win I would like the 64 bit version please

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    I like this winrar !

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    Thanks for the contest. Excellent app.

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    It’s the best compression software there is. I would like to have one.

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    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/winrar

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    Wow! a lot of people want this software – i do too. Thanks for the opportunity!

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    I will be lucky to win a registration code of this great Compression software.

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    Great review!Thanks for this giveaway.Please count me in

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    I would love to have this app. Thanks for the giveaway contest

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    Great software!
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  141. funskey says:

    Liked Facebook page. Best compression sw . Hope I win. Thanks

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    Let’s see if this is my lucky day.

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    Best giveaway ever.
    Thanks, TipRadar

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    Great program, thanks!

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    Liked on Facebook, and other sites as well. And liked on my pc too. Thanks for the great giveaway.

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