Download Freecorder 4 Powerful, Free Video Downloader, Audio Recorder & Converter

Freecorder 4 makes it easy to save video and audio from the web, and convert to many popular formats. Once Freecorder 4 is installed, just use the following buttons in your browser.

Freecorder 4 includes some great resources for enjoying the web radio and TV. Included in Freecorder 4 is a free Radio Player, access to TV Channels and a huge Media Guide to help you find all your favorite streaming media.

Freecorder 4 works great with both IE and Firefox. The download only takes seconds. It’s absolutley guaranteed to be spyware fee. What are you waiting for? Get this incredibly powerful, FREE recorder/converter.

Main features:

  • Download Video from 1000s of Web sites
  • Record MP3 Audio from ANY Site
  • Convert to MP3, MPEG4 & more
  • Works in your Browser
  • Includes FLV Player
  • No Spyware. No Adware.
  • 100% Free


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  1. c smith says:

    If you are wanting to capture audio from your web browser, this product in in version 4 will give you gas pains. It automatically detects “silent” moments and starts a new output file. The time threshold period is not adjustable, and even one second, or less, periods of silence will trigger the new file. There is currently no solution, other than use version 3, or 2, which allowed for manual recording.

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