Download Hidden & Dangerous Deluxe PC game for Free

You control a squad of up to four SAS operatives from a pool of eight which you have to choose for any given campaign. This squad can be changed between missions, as can their equipment, but once you’re in a mission, that’s it – you have to make do with your equipment and what you can scavenge.

The game plays like you would expect any moderately realistic World War II shooter would. You control one member of your squad at a time and with this operative you can issue orders, shoot, use items etc. to your heart’s content. Your missions usually consist of either rescuing something or blowing something up, whilst at the same time avoiding or taking down the guards. This is easier said than done, as whilst your own soldiers have pretty good AI, your enemies can still inflict a hefty amount of damage on them with ease.

Download Hidden & Dangerous Deluxe PC game for Free

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