Free Nero 11 (After rebate)

Finally, multimedia software that truly does what you need. Nero 11 empowers you to create, manage and share your photos, music and videos like never before. The express video editing workflows, plus burning and backup are stepped up and seamlessly integrated with exciting features to give you a true 360-degree experience. Easy-to-advanced video editing, including innovative video file conversion technology for multiple device playback, provides you with the full circle connection for your digital media needs.

Free Nero 11 (After rebate)

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  1. Mark says:

    Please rebate(S) to indicate that there are more than one. In fact it would not be a bad idea to say Mail In and Upgrade Rebates so people know what is involved. You need some kind of proof for the upgrade rebate so not everyone will be able to take advantage of these offers.

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