Free War Inc. Battlezone game + bonus

War Inc. Battlezone is the most realistic, tactical, clan-based combat experience coupled with one of the deepest customization systems ever developed for an Online Shooter.

War Inc. Battlezone delivers hard hitting combat in multiplayer, session-based games of 8v8, and 16v16 in Para-military action modes and maps. Play the game For Free now!

Play before July 24th and receive free Weapons and Equipment including:

  • 5,000 Gold dollars
  • 2X XP ( experience ) Boost for 14 days
  • 14 days rental on awesome Night Stalker FSCAR Assault Rifle
  • 14 days rental on PSG-1 sniper Rifle
  • 14 days rental of Night Stalker Character ( body + head )
  • 14 days rental of Night Stalker Tactical Armor
  • 14 days rental of M9 Night vision goggles Helmet

Free War Inc. Battlezone game

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