Get a free .ORG domain with a .COM purchase, limited time

Get a free .ORG domain with a .COM purchase at NameCheap, you will find the offer in the shopping cart.

Get a free .ORG domain with a .COM purchase, limited time

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  1. Huse says:

    I remember sometime in 1999 or 2000, there was a company name NameZero whom also offered “free domain names.” I remember I was young then and took that offer, but they only gave me 1-year free. After that 1 year subscription ended, that company owned that domain name. There was no option to renew that domain name I chose for “free” again. So I was left with the only choice is to purchase it, but of course…at a “normal” price or if not, more (I can’t remember). I chose not to as it was a hobby of mine to make that website.

    I won’t be surprised if NameCheap offers the same scheme. You might get this 1-year free, but when it’s up, you’ll have to buy it. I doubt they would let you renew it. But hey, go ahead and send them a support ticket and ask to be sure. I’m not wasting time on these kind of “free domain name” offers out there. If you site becomes popular, you’ll have to fork out alot of money to buy that name from them when your subscription ends.

    Remember AngelFire during the late 90’s internet boom? Well, their “free website hosting” offers (though no domain name) didn’t last too long even when they tried to put ads on your personal sites to cover the cost. Even if NameCheap attempts to do that, it won’t work for long. Frankly, I think it’s a waste of time, you’re better of just to buy the domain and you will own it outright and not some company “after 1-year.”

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