Get O&O AutoBackup for Free

Still valid. O&O AutoBackup automatically synchronizes selected files and folders with an external backup device (USB Stick, external USB hard disk, FireWire volume). As an example, you can use O&O Auto backup to create a backup copy of your photo folder onto a USB stick and set it so that changes made to the original data are automatically taken into account for the next backup.

Get O&O AutoBackup for Free

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  1. Ben Gillis says:

    This O&O Backup appears to be free for only 30 days. Please let me know if I am understanding this correctly. Thank You

  2. Chaos Reigns says:

    Ben, get your license key here….and be patient. They are slow to email it to you. It took me about 15 minutes to get mine. And use multiple email addresses as each address is assigned a separate key due to each key being valid for only one computer.

    I grabbed a few keys for the 32-bit version and a few for 64-bit the version.

    Registration goes like this…

    Name: “email address”
    Business: “same email address”
    License Key: “Provided in email sent”

    Hope this helps.

  3. rodken says:

    It is only 30 days, thanks anyways.

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