[Giveaway] Adobe CS2 Premium Plus

[Giveaway] Adobe CS2 Premium Plus.  Need to be a registered Adobe member in order to get the keys. Creative Suite 2
Acrobat 3D 1.0 , Acrobat Standard 7.0, Acrobat Pro 8.0, Audition 3.0, GoLive CS2 , Illustrator CS2 , InCopy CS2 , InDesign CS2 , Photoshop CS2 , Photoshop Elements 4.0/5.0 , Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0.

[Giveaway] Adobe CS2 Premium Plus

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  1. Dragonheart says:

    The availability of Creative Suite 2 bundle was just a glitch from Adobe and the link was destined only for CS2 owners that had trouble installing the software.

    The page no longer works.

    • TipRadar says:

      thanks for the clarification. The news spread fast and thought finally Adobe started to offer some old version of their programs to the community. They should do it and offer discounts for the newest versions, that will surely increase their sales…

  2. shaheen says:

    Even Wikipedia has an entry on Adobe CS2 stating that it is a free Software product. So, why all this wrong statements from Adobe officials is surprising. It is free and will be free. Thought not other versions.

    • Bruce Fraser says:

      Let me get this straight: You are saying that Wikipedia is the official source of truth, and if Adobe says otherwise — even about their own product — then Adobe is obviously wrong.
      Did I get that right?

  3. Rich Cochran says:

    I have gotten Adobe PhotoShop CS6 free from them on a giveaway and some other software in the past. If you do some check you may find some more out there.

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