[Giveaway] ArchiCrypt Ultimate RAM-Disk 2

ArchiCrypt Ultimate RAM-Disk 2: With Ultimate RAM disk, you get a clever way more power out of your computer. The program uses the unused memory of your computer as an extremely fast drive, ensuring your computer for a significant speed increase. After the installation, insert the first step in a so-called RAM disk, so a virtual disk in memory of your PC. For this you select the drop-down box, type a drive letter for the RAM disk. Under this drive letter binds the RAM disk into the system, and you can later access them from anywhere.

More info and download at the forum

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  1. gobraman says:


  2. Ruchir says:

    Sorry but it were better if it was stated somewhere that it is pure German,no other language.Previous archicrypt live was only in German and it was not stated then either.Clearly it must be in your knowledge.Other tech sites have abstained from mentioning non English giveaways completely.Knowing it will be waste for most.Like dottech,buzz99,etc.

  3. Ruchir says:

    No option to convert by trick either.For ex no option to delete all language files of German and automatically convert into English.No trace of English is put in it even unintentionally.I don’t think even Instedit would work even if you are familiar with every component.Archicrypt loves only Germany which in itself is not a bad thing at all

  4. kin0seC says:

    I am working on a english translation file, not the whole
    hints or descriptions but the main functions so that non-
    german users can handle and understand the programs main
    functions. I will post it later today. 😉

  5. gobraman says:

    thanks for your effort kin0sec.
    Have your translation completed?

  6. kin0seC says:

    To avoid to have it twice only the translation
    file in the forums topic of this giveaway was
    kept. You find it there. 😉

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