[Giveaway] Crimson512 Encryption Software FULL VERSION, 10 licenses

Crimson512 is a powerful and easy to use file encryption software, with cloud-based protection for unmatched security against any cryptographic attack. Crimson512 will give you unbreakable security if you do just one thing: use strong password. That’s usually where the problem is: strong passwords, particularly random ones, are hard to remember and therefore hard to use.

The highlights:

  • Easy: Right click to encrypt and decrypt any number of files, regardless of file types.
  • Fast: Encryption engine optimized for multicore CPUs and fast drives.
  • Convenient: Let your portable drive keep your password: no memorizing, no typing, no mistake.
  • Secure: 512-bit symmetric-key block cipher with cloud-based unbreakable protection.
  • Reasonably priced: Per-use pricing for unlimited users and unlimited installations.


Unlike most file encryption software, Crimson512 is not standalone. It works in concert with Crimson Service, a cloud-based service that provides active protection against any attempt to break the security.


Each time you instruct Crimson512 to perform an encryption (or decryption), it makes a request to the service. Every authorized request counts as one use.

If everything is in order, the service will respond with an authorization key. Crimson512 requires this key to proceed encrypting (or decrypting) your files.

Preventing brute-force attacks

The service has the opportunity and responsibility of verifying every request, detecting the possibility of attack and respond appropriately by allowing, delaying or rejecting the request. It will forcefully slow down or stop any attack it encounters midway, particularly brute-force attacks. It is not circumventable in any way and this is why we can guarantee constant protection.

In cooperation with RED-CIPHER (sponsor of this giveaway), we can offer 10 licenses! ofย  Crimson512 Per-Use Light worth $15.00 each !

To get the chance to win:

1 โ€“ Go to this page and Guess The Password!

2 โ€“ (optional but very appreciated) follow us on twitter or facebook.

3 โ€“ submit a comment to this post with a valid email address (will be used to send the license) and subscribe to our Feeds

We would be happy if you could share this giveaway. Thank you.

Winners will be selected using random.org


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  1. ha14 says:

    Handy to prevent damages upon attack by malwares. Thanks.

  2. ozan says:

    i want this giveaway pls ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Mark says:

    This could be useful. Please count me in.

  4. Sam says:

    This software is quite useful, please count me in, thank you ^_^

  5. Mark says:

    Hope to be in luck

  6. rendy says:

    I was gonna order one. Looked for reviews and such and found this. Count me in.

  7. Grr says:

    Hi Shadow,
    I downloaded the setup file (SetupCrimson512_3.1.exe) & scanned on virus total. It reported a trojan- Gen:Trojan.Heur.DP.sKW@a0IqWChi.

    File name:SetupCrimson512_3.1.exe
    Submission date:2011-01-28 18:41:38 (UTC)
    Current status: finished
    Result: 3/ 43 (7.0%)

    Link below:

    Could you please confirm the above detections?

    Also reported to Crimson support. Waiting for their reply.


  8. ahmet says:

    thank tiradar..
    I would like to license

  9. vaibhav srivastava says:

    hope to get the license version…

  10. Pat says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. chad tunis says:

    put me on the list! thanks!

  12. Litte Taintains says:

    Wow, I really like encryption software. Thank you for this fantastic giveaway.

  13. abi6 says:

    I want this soft. please only not 50, only 1 license

  14. kurtumi says:

    Thanks TipRadar for nice GiveAway.
    count me please

  15. Grr says:

    hi Shadow,
    I got a response from the support. They updated the exe file, but still it gives 3/40. Even they are not sure why.

    btw I went ahead and installed it to crack the challenge and Guess The Password! However the trial key asked for Payment (add funds now-see pic below) after 10 tries. So I couldn’t solve the challenge due to limitations.
    So it is not possible to get the password-without having to pay!!!!

    I’m an email subscriber and twitter follower.
    Here is my share

    Please count me in.


  16. vhick says:

    Another nice giveaway from Tipradar…


    Thank you…

  17. DD says:

    Thanks for giveaway.

  18. DAW says:

    a good choice for pc security. count me in.
    thank you.

  19. Bionic says:

    for the free license/trial you’ll get to the letter pp then program asks for payment? – then you need to sign up with a new email address decrypting further in trialmode? i’ve tried now using several email adresses of package 1 & 9 from letter aa->zz, unfortunately it did not work and i wouldn’t know what the 67-character english text is.

    i would rather see a one shot fee or a subscription based model for a program like this and not pay-per-use, very confusing, thanks nonetheless

  20. LCS says:

    I like to have a license, thanks!

  21. Issue resolved.
    See the following report

    After a series of experiments, we determined that the cause is an overly sensitive heuristics (and possibly flawed) of
    BitDefender 7.2, F-Secure 9.0.16160.0, and GData 21.

    So, we took several guesses and one of them works.
    The new setup file is almost twice bigger and now available for download.

    For the contest, here’s a hint.
    Instead of trying to decrypt 1 file at a time, decrypt all 10 of them at once.
    It’s faster.

    Also, one of them starts with ‘z’, and another ends with ‘a’.

  22. In response to Bionic, we can change the prize to Subscription licenses for 6 months (worth $60 per license).

    However, it has to be either 10 Pay-Per-Use, or 10 6-month Subscription.
    So, we’re gonna need comments with your choice of license type.

    Also, we’d like to ask TipRadar to update the above article to inform about this.


  23. Winnetou Haeberle says:

    Excellent software and great giveaway
    please count me in
    Thanks & regards

  24. Ande says:

    I would love a copy of Crimson512 Per-Use Light.

  25. rendy says:

    That’s exactly why I like it. You guys confirmed it. If I encrypt my files I want to know that nobody can crack my password unless they are persistent enough to use trial license with new email address over and over again just to be able to run another 15 guesses. That’ll take forever and a lot of email addresses too.

    I like the pay-per-use. I’ll have one of them, please.

  26. Ande says:

    file 5 = zw

  27. rendy says:

    4 guesses and I got it. I figured I should start from below. Password for 5th.txt.e is zw.
    That means I got the license right? Thanks for the hint.

  28. Ande says:

    Sorry, add the text: “It’s not who you are underneath. It’s what you do that defines you.”
    To the propr comment.

  29. Roman says:

    Crimson512 is very interesting program, please count in me

  30. Grr says:

    lol…got it..

    password: xa for 1st.txt.e file

    “It’s not who you are underneath. It’s what you do that defines you.”.

    Please count me in…was fun doing the challenge.

    Coming to the new setup file: yes it is double the old size of ~300kb…and the scan results are Zero:
    File name: SetupCrimson512_3.1.exe
    Submission date: 2011-01-30 00:03:19 (UTC)
    Result: 0/ 43 (0.0%)

    Email subscriber, following on twitter & shared:

    Want to win it..

    @Red-Cipher Team- what is the interpretation of 10 Pay-Per-Use?


  31. GT says:

    thanking you for the giveaway. i Subscribe to our Daily E-Mail Newsletter, Follow us on Twitter


    Please count me in this givingaway.

    Mr. G.T

  32. John d says:

    Please count me.
    Follow and shared on twitter:

    john d

  33. Michael Albertosi says:

    This program looks fantastic,gives you many options..meaning you’re in control of what you really need to encrypt.
    In security terms ia must.
    thanks TipRadar

  34. SaintAthena says:

    Great Giveaway. Please include me as well.


  35. abi4 says:

    Thanks for giveaway.

  36. ozan says:

    thanks i won:)

  37. Red-Cipher Team says:

    We have 2 contest winners (you know who you are),
    and 8 giveaway winners selected randomly by TipRadar.

    An email message containing license information was sent to each of the winners approximately two days ago.
    Please check your inbox for a message with subject “[Red-Cipher] Your license information”.
    If you don’t see it, please check your spam folder.

    We welcome TipRadar if you’d like to confirm this with the each one of the winners.

    The passwords for the contest are
    rr, xa, vq, nt, iv, zw, fs, sl, hd, bi

    It’s a shorthand to avoid typing “10 licenses of type Pay-Per-Use”
    Apparently it didn’t work. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Red-Cipher Team

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