[Giveaway] Fresh RAM 5.0 for free

The physical memory is among the most important things in a computer system. Keeping the system’s physical memory allocated only for the tasks that are actually needed doesn’t always happen because some computer programs sometimes come with bugs that prevent the software from releasing the RAM when it is no longer needed.

More info and download at the forum

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  1. Dave Agee says:

    The above link seems to go only to the free PC-WELT XMAS Calender 2011 program, not Fresh RAM 5.0.

  2. Druid says:

    @Dave Agee: One has to click on the appropriate parcel date to get to the giveaway; the said giveaway is only in Germane

  3. W B says:

    Indeed, I endorse what Dave Agee wrote above; WHERE IS THAT LINK FOR FRESHRAM 5.0 TO BE FOUND ? ? ?

    Please provide us with the right link for this program.

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