[Giveaway] iClone 4.3 SE

iClone is a real-time filmmaking software enabling users to have complete control over actor creation and customization, scene building, and facial animation. iClone makes advanced animation tools accessible to users of all skill levels and provides a platform for directing films in real-time. Flexible content options and revolutionary 3D texturing and animation tools empower iClone users to discover, direct, and debut films enhanced with the power of Reallusion technology.

[Giveaway] iClone 4.3 SE




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  1. Rustem says:

    It seems that it has German interface only.

  2. cromag says:

    This would be rather nice if it wasn’t for it’s only in German. I can’t find anyway to change it and when you download it , it seems that this is specifically labeled “de” so my guess is you can’t change the interface language. Lame.

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