[Giveaway] Image Converter Plus 8, FULL VERSION Unlimited Downloads for 72 hours

UPDATED:ImageConverter Plus is a professional converter for graphic files, photos, drafts, financial documents and other images of any type. The latest technology makes ImageConverter Plus a powerful, award-winning converter ideal for image processing tasks.

Convert image
Image Converter Plus allows you to convert images between popular formats like JPEG, TIFF, GIF and PDF, as well as many more rare formats. ImageConverter Plus supports a total of over 800 image formats. See a list of supported formats…
Resize images
Resizing is one of the most popular features of ImageConverter Plus. You can resize single or multiple images, create thumbnails of all your photos in just a couple of clicks, or use advanced resize features to get the exact result that you need. Learn how to resize images…
Ease of use
ImageConverter Plus allows you to choose how you want to convert your images – using the program interface or right-clicking directly in Windows Explorer. Read more about right-click conversion…
Output destinations
Image conversion is usually just one step in a process. The next step is to share your image, and there are many ways to do that. ImageConverter Plus gives you the flexibility to save converted images to a local or LAN folder, upload them to FTP or a Picasa Web Album, or send them via email. Read more…

In cooperation with IMAGECONVERTER PLUS (sponsor of this giveaway), we can offer 72 hours unlimited downloads for the FULL VERSION of ImageConverter Plus 8 worth $49.00 each.

Note: you must download and activate the software before this giveaway ends.

IMPORTANT: Support replied to us:


I’m very sorry, there was a glitch in the system and activations have been set to 2. We’ve reset number of activations and now it should be working.



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  1. malkhaz says:

    yhank you

  2. steve says:


  3. ShadowMaster says:

    Thank you Steve, we are investigating the licensing issue with ImageConverter Plus. Downloads have been temporarily suspended.
    We are waiting for them.
    I’ll let you know very soon.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  4. steve says:

    thank you for the speedy reply! steve

  5. tango says:

    Thanks. I will love to wait for this.

  6. Paf Borg says:

    I hope you manage to fix this soon, it is indded an excellent giveaway. Thanks 🙂

    • ShadowMaster says:

      Sometimes developers will make mistakes about licenses. This can happen for limited time giveaways (eg: 48/72 hours full version downloads) because of our sync and their sync timings. We are investigating this issue, if we do not receive a reply soon we’ll deactivate the giveaway within few hours. Thank you.

  7. Daniel Fenn says:

    any update?

  8. amon says:

    awaiting update


  9. amon says:

    May be they are not interested in giving out their application for free,No problem don’t worry some people are difficult to do business with.

    Thanks a lot for your great effort.

    • ShadowMaster says:

      They agreed with us to start the time limited giveaway for 72 hours, we don’t publish any giveaway without authorization of the develooper. If they change idea (i would like to know the reason, maybe too many downloads?!), they can simply shoot an email and stop the giveaway. The lack of support is too bad.

  10. paf says:

    Hi ShadowMaster, thank you very much for your posts and for keeping us informed with such clarity :). And thanks for all your hard work providing great product giveaways.Have a nice day 🙂

  11. Sorry guys, there was a problem with activation system. It is fixed and working now.

    By the way, if you have any (preferably brilliant :)) idea on how we could improve Image Converter Plus – you are welcome to share it at http://image-converter-plus.idea.informer.com/

    Laisan Shafikova

  12. Ancile says:

    Like the way you updated the status, shows commitment to your blog and readers.

    @ShadowMaster (and Laisan Shafikova, if reading)
    Can this be reactivated, in case HDD needs to be formated or replaced?

  13. malkhaz says:

    thank you!!!!!!

  14. @Ancile
    Activation is working only during the giveaway. If you need to reinstall Image Converter Plus afterward it won’t activate.

  15. Ancile says:

    @Laisan Shafikova
    Thanks for the prompt reply.

  16. steve says:

    Thanks Tipradar and Laisan, mine activated now.

  17. vaibhav srivastava says:

    its working properly… thanx buddy

  18. kavin says:

    Thank you Shadow Master for this 72 hr. unlimited giveaway.
    This one looks very handy.

  19. hen says:

    The program is working .

  20. Shirarts says:

    I’ve had nothing but issues with this program since I purchased it on Feb 2nd. I’ve found the support to be just horrid and have been waiting for over 2 weeks for the programmers to figure out the glitch on converting PNG to PSD. Was wondering if anyone else has been having issues?

  21. Eliconia says:

    Dear Shirarts,
    We have carefuly studied the problems you’ve encountered using the software. We sincerely hope that now you are able to activate the program and successfully use it. Sometimes there are technical issues that may come up with certain graphic files. If this is the case our support is there to help you. Some cases are more complicated though, and if thorough investigation of an issue is needed it might take a bit longer than expected. I would like to reassure you that we never leave any customers’ problems unsolved, and even in case the problem is really unusual and more coplex, we involve our engineers and other technical specialists. Our developers take into account even the minor issues while working on the program, and we do our best to make each following program version better than the previous one. Our support service will contact you again directly. Really sorry the program has not satisfied your expectations so far, but still hope you will get the desired conversion result.

  22. Shirarts says:


    I purchased the product on Feb 2nd, due to activation issues I was finally able to try the software out a few days later. The issues I had was converting .PNG’s to PSD and was told that the developers were looking into it. I never heard a word even after a second request. That is the reason three weeks later that I have asked for my money back.

  23. Eliconia says:

    Dear Shirarts,
    I will reach the support service to find out exactly what may be happening to your PNG files. What I hear from them so far is that the conversion works well whenever we ourselves try to perform it. The support service will contact you directly, and in case you still encounter issues we will convert the files ourselves and tell you what to do step by step. Again, our apologies for any inconveniences caused.

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