[Giveaway] MooSoft The Cleaner 2011 Unlimited Activations for 48 hours!

Keep your computer and data safe from Trojans, Worms, Keyloggers, Spyware and many other types of malware. The Cleaner protects, prevents and recovers your system from malicious software and is considered one of the best anti-virus programs, deleting malware that is often missed by other virus removers.

The Cleaner includes background scanning of all memory operations, faster, redesigned scan engine (about 100 frames per second), the newer, tougher, Trojan fingerprinting, scanning within syllables, and completely redesigned user interface (GUI). Objective tests have shown that Cleaner blows the competition away, scanning speed and the number of Trojans found.


  • Support for Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows
  • Lightning fast scanning engine
  • Multi-language support including Arabic, Chinese, English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Portugese, Spanish and Swedish
  • Smart Scan or Scan selected drives
  • Quarantine protects you while allowing you to restore files at any time
  • Whitelist allows you to block the scanning of files and folders
  • Cooperates with other anti-virus/anti-malware software
  • Command line support
  • Context menu integration
  • Secure connection for news and updates
  • Advanced heuristics to catch emerging and unknown threats

In cooperation with MooSoft (sponsor of this giveaway), we can offer unlimited activations (48 hours only) for the FULL VERSION! of  The Cleaner 2011

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  1. rol says:

    Hum, the “thecleaner_TR” file has no file extension and is a binary file. How are we supposed to use it?

  2. Ray N says:

    which download link do we use??… only see instx which is a license file… anybody figure this out??? thank you!

  3. rol says:

    OK, no problem. Just add the .zip extension, and it can be opened. 🙂

  4. Eusebio says:

    Hello TipRadar.com team!
    I wonder which program is used by you to create the instruction file activation Cleaner 2011?
    Well I downloaded it three times and none of the programs installed on your PC here at home to recognize the extension TR.
    Thus it is impossible for me to download the Cleaner 2011.
    Can you help me to download the Cleaner 2011?

  5. Jeff says:

    The “Download activation instructions here” link doesn’t work. It gets a corrupted or unrecognizable file.

  6. Radman says:

    Activation instructions have no file extension. You need to add .zip at the end of the file to uncompress it.

  7. Ray N says:

    Keep on getting ‘this program has expired’ when trying to download…….

  8. Eusebio says:

    Avangate asks to add credit card number to complete registration.
    I will not register my card at Avangate.
    I will leave this program for a next opportunity in that there is so much trouble to download it.
    Thank TipRadar.com team!

  9. Jeanjean says:

    I brought the coupon code Tipradar and get a count of 0 €, but – after disclosure of personal data – one request the bank details anyway??

  10. malkhaz says:

    thank you, Tipradar. shared and tweeted

  11. jamir says:

    Thank you so much, excellent anti-malware

  12. jamir says:

    after activation, can i upgrade for free to version 2012.
    ” The Cleaner 2012 is out! You can upgrade this version to 2012 for free!
    Just download and run the upgrade setup.”

  13. vitor sequeira says:

    it worked very well for me!

  14. Fred says:

    Does not work!!!!!
    They want credit card information but i don´t own a credit card!!!

  15. Al S says:

    Thanks TipRadar.com team!

    I agree with the above comments, after entering your discount the billing was zero, but, still they ask for too much personal info.

  16. Jeanjean says:

    Everytihg works fine now… thanks to TipRadar & Moosoft.

  17. Fred says:

    Yup. Registration finally works. :-]

  18. nektar says:

    reviews are neutral but …

    thanksssssssssssss for free real time shield!

  19. MIFTAH says:

    I just get the license key, but is show me information “the license has expired”

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