[Giveaway] Navicat for MySQL Windows Edition FULL VERSION licenses

Navicat for MySQL is a powerful Database administration and development tool for MySQL. It works with any MySQL Database Server from version 3.21 or above, and supports most of the latest MySQL features including Trigger, Stored Procedure, Function, Event, View, and Manage User, etc. Features in Navicat are sophisticated enough to provide professional developers for all their specific needs, yet easy to learn for users who are new to MySQL.

With Navicat well-designed Graphical User Interface (GUI), Navicat for MySQL lets you quickly and easily create, organize, access and share information in a secure and easy way, taking MySQL administration

Latest MySQL Versions Support

  • Support of MySQL versions from 3.21 or above.
  • Support all MySQL objects: tables, views, stored procedures/functions and events.
  • Support all subobjects: fields, indices, foreign keys and triggers.
  • Support of partitioning.
  • Support of character set and unicode.

Main features:

  • Support of SSH Tunnel
  • Support of HTTP Tunnel
  • Provide auto-reconnection for MySQL server
  • Import/Export Connection Settings
  • Show databases as an open state once connection starts
  • Visual SQL Builder
  • Query Editor
  • Support of Parameter Query
  • SQL Beautifier
  • Smart Code/Word completion support
  • Support of standard editing features
  • Code Folding
  • Matched Brace/Bracket Highlighting
  • Import data from ODBC
  • Import data from up to 18 most popular formats including MS Access, MS Excel, XML, PDF and TXT
  • Export data to MS Access, MS Excel, MS Word, HTML, PDF, TXT, CSV, DBF, XML, etc
  • Form View
  • Support of Foreign Key Data Selection
  • Support of Data Transfer between local/remote MySQL databases
  • Export data and create records as INSERT statements in sql file
  • Data and Structure Synchronization
  • Create Schedule for Backup, Import/Export, Data Transfer, Queries and Data Synchronization
  • Send notification e-mail for schedule task
  • Support of Backup and Restore databases
  • Visual User Manager
  • Visual Privilege Manager
  • Export reports to multiple formats, PDF, Excel, HTML etc.
  • View and share reports with others by using Report Viewer
  • Report Archive
  • Server Monitor
  • Connection Coloring
  • Favorites
  • Object Filter
  • Virtual Grouping
  • Support of Increment Search
  • Text/Hex/Image Viewer
  • SQL Console

Complete descriptions HERE

In cooperation with Navicat (sponsor of this giveaway), we can offer 2 licenses! ofย  Navicat for MySQL Windows Edition,ย  worth US $ 199.00 each.

To get the chance to win:

1 โ€“ submit a comment to this post with a valid email address (will be used to send the license)

2 โ€“ (optional but very appreciated) follow us on twitter or facebook.

We would be happy if you could share this giveaway. Thank you.

Winners will be selected using random.org


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  1. Bob says:

    I command this excellent programme to all. Thanks Tipradar ๐Ÿ™‚

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  6. Bob says:

    I command this excellent programme to all. Thank you TipRadar ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. k19s says:

    Great giveaway please count me in.

  8. Bionic says:

    Navicat has been around for as long i can remember.
    Years of experience, an exellent manageable program.

    I’m in for Navicat – Thanks …

  9. Alalata says:

    This program is great, I would like to win it to create my data base.

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    Thank you.

  10. Sam says:

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  15. paulcrousel says:

    Navicat also provides other advanced features such as import/export, backup, and data transfer. Thanks for the contest.

  16. Raj says:

    Great giveaway for someone who is a software developer. I am a software developer so it will be very much useful for me.
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  17. Marie says:

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  19. Yuli Handayanto says:

    Navicat. Wow it’s wonderful program. I like it, Please send me your serial number.

  20. Grr says:

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  21. Claudiu says:

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