[Giveaway] NovaPDF Professional Desktop 7 FULL VERSION 5 licenses

novaPDF is a PDF creator for Windows that allows you to easily create PDF files (searchable and optionally PDF/A compliant). With novaPDF, everyone from novice users to professionals can create high-quality documents in industry-standard PDF format, by simply selecting the “Print” command from virtually any application.

Main features:

Easy to Install

Installing novaPDF is very easy and it takes only a couple of mouse clicks. It was designed in such manner to help and guide you through the installation process. Once the installation wizard is started, you can choose your installation preferences (where will the files be placed, where will the program be installed…) or keep the default settings for a rapid installation.

Improves Collaboration

Whether you need it for printing documents, publishing them on the Internet, placing them on CD/DVD, emailing them or integrating with your document management system, PDF is recognized as the ideal portable document format. novaPDF gives everyone the ability to easily share documents using the PDF format.

PDF/A Compliance

Creates PDF files compliant with the PDF/A-1b specification for RGB colorspace thus can be used for long-term archiving of documents in PDF format.


You will be able to open your document across a wide range of hardware and software platforms, while the quality of the generated PDF document will be very good, maintaining the original layout, fonts and images. Furthermore, you can digitally sign the PDF files to certify that important documents don’t get altered without authorization.

Easy to Use

You can use novaPDF to easily create standard PDF files from any Windows application. Simply set the novaPDF printer driver as the default one and every time you click “Print” from any application that supports printing, the PDF will be generated by novaPDF.

Protect Documents

Your business documents are often confidential and access needs to be restricted in certain ways. You can restrict the access to all PDF files created with novaPDF by password protecting them and restricting certain features, such as printing, modifying, content extraction, form filling or annotating.

Easy Administration

With novaPDF Server you can define public profiles. These profiles are created on the server computer and are automatically propagated to all client computers. You can configure some profiles to save the PDF files in a folder on server and all client computers will generate the PDF files in that folder. Also, another benefit of server licensing is that you can manage your licenses from a single location (the server).

Low Cost

Switching to PDF instead of regular paper for internal communications or reviewing purposes reduces significantly the cost. Furthermore, novaPDF allows you to sign and certify PDF documents without purchasing expensive products such as Adobe Acrobat® or Adobe Document Server for Reader extensions® thus reducing the cost of ownership.

In cooperation with NovaPDF (sponsor of this giveaway), we can offer 5 licenses! of NovaPDF Professional Desktop 7 worth $ 49.95 each!

Download Link

To get the chance to win:

1 – submit a comment to this post with a valid email address (will be used to send the license)

2 – (optional but very appreciated) follow us on twitter or facebook.

We would be happy if you could share this giveaway. Thank you.

Winners will be selected using random.org


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  1. Bob says:

    excellent program 🙂

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    Thanks for the giveaway!

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    Thankingyou for the givingaway.
    Please counet me in. I am follow on twitter.

    Mr. G.T.

  4. walang sangit says:

    Thank you for the givingaway, please count me in

  5. PG says:

    A good program for creating documents. pdf and print. I’d like one license. Thanks

  6. Pier says:

    Hi, I’m a user of version 5.4 PRO: hope I can pass to 7!

  7. Daniel Fenn says:


    I would like the chance to win this wonderful bit of software.

    Daniel Fenn

  8. jamir says:

    excellent software, very easy to use, thank you for this beautiful gift , count me in.
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  9. George says:

    Good program. Thanks a lot!

  10. Aniruddh says:

    great giveaway

    Thanks Tipradar

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  12. Chadd says:

    Great Program. Thanks!

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    A Nice software to have!

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    Looks like a good PDF software, nice giveaway.

    Thank you.

  15. Daniel says:

    Wow … another great program. Please enroll me.


  16. vaibhav srivastava says:

    count me in too… want to take a try of this version too…

  17. Rajesh says:

    Thank you for the giveaway
    Count me for in

    best of luck to all

  18. Raj says:

    I am currently using the free version. Hope to switch to the professional version. Thanks for this great giveaway.

  19. paulcrousel says:

    Excellent pdf tool to make pdf from various sources and even from web page. Thanks.

  20. Cornjaco says:

    I used NovaPDF version 6 in the past and found it very pleasant (much more so than ExpertPDF or Sumatra). Greatly recommended! Thank you for this giveaway.

  21. Rajesh says:

    Count me in for it


  22. Naits says:

    Thank you TipRadar for giveaway.
    I would like to participate in the contest to win a license.
    I used lite version and it is very easy and fast tool to create PDF.


  23. amon says:

    Would be very glad to win a license, the last giveaway key didn’t work for me.

    Thanks for sharing

  24. Patrick says:

    NovaPDF Professional Desktop 7 is very good program.

  25. ha14 says:

    Hi many thanks its a good soft for those who dont have mmicrosoft office 2007 ad 2010 to generat high quality pdf.

  26. George says:

    I very need this program.
    Thank you for the giveaway

  27. Jorge says:

    novaPDF is an excellent program to generate pdf.
    Please, count me in.


  28. hahr says:

    please count me in… thanks

  29. jay says:

    I could really use this program to create pdf docs for work. Thanks.

  30. Sam says:

    Nice program, I hope I’m lucky.
    Thank you for your giveaway ^^

  31. ayhan says:

    Great Giveaway thanks

  32. badmas balak says:

    I am in dire need of a software like this. please bail me out by counting me as a participant and if possible sending a license to the mail provided. Thanks…

  33. azziz says:

    NovaPDF Pro is an excellent soft and the long history of NovaPDF in this is field makes it a must have software. Thanks for the contest.

  34. qwer0 says:

    Great Giveaway :)) Good soft


  35. Areopagita says:

    NovaPDF is good soft for creating, securing and editing pdf files. I am interested in.

  36. Michael says:

    It’s the first time, that I am visiting this site. It looks very nice, so I have bookmarked it. 🙂
    Thank you for the nice giveaway.
    Please count me in.

    Best regards, Michael

  37. Litte Taintains says:

    Hi, I just ran a test between different PDF software, and novaPDF (Lite) has proved to be really fantastic for manipulating PDF files. I’d love to win the Pro version!

  38. Pistillino says:

    I’d love to win a license for this software. Now use CutePDF, but novaPDF Professional is much more versatile. Thanks.

  39. TRY says:

    Thank you.Please count me in.Nova PDF Pro has some very handy features.


  40. murat says:

    I would like to participate in the contest to win a license.

  41. Kim says:

    Definitely looking forward to this!

  42. Rex says:

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  43. District says:

    Count me in and Thanks.

  44. 3Cheers says:

    Please count me in too.

  45. Hail says:

    Thank you.I could definitely use this.

  46. Ref. says:

    Novapdf is a good app.Thank you,Please count me in.

  47. willdo says:

    Please count me in for the giveaway.
    Nova PDF is a superb tool for making PDF’s easily.

  48. kingpin says:

    Fabulous giveaway indeed.Thank you.

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    Good program. Thanks a lot!

  50. abu aufa says:

    my fav,
    count me in !

  51. kavin says:

    Hello Shadow Master,
    Please count me.I would like to try NovaPDF Professional for making PDF for many uses.
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  52. David says:

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  54. MerleOne says:

    I have version 6 and would definitely like to get the newest version. Thanks.

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    An useful program for me, thanks for this opportunity
    Pls include me

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    Thanks for the software! I’ll give it a try.

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    Thank you. 🙂

  59. ben says:

    I could use this immediately. I can’t wait.

  60. malkhaz says:

    PDF is my favourite text format, and this perfect tool will help me make outstanding pdf documents, thank you, shared and tweeted

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    Thanks, Please count me in. I have to deal with pdfs everyday and this is going to make my work easy.

    I’m an email subscriber,
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  62. azziz says:

    Thank you so much,i just received the licence. Congrats to all winners.

  63. abu aufa says:

    thank you so much tipradar.com . I won !!

    just received the license.

  64. alex says:

    Thank you for the givingaway!

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