[Giveaway] PCSuite Defrag Pro

If your hard drive has become fragmented after a lengthy period of use, your PC is slowed down by unnecessary, time-consuming file access operations. Programs and games are slower when they start up. The solution is to tidy up, i.e. defragment your hard drive on a regular basis.

PCSUITE DEFRAG PRO optimizes your hard drives, USB sticks, memory cards, etc. thanks to numerous innovative defragmentation methods. The 3-zone optimization algorithm increases the speed at which you access your data and programs, providing the best protection against refragmentation.

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  1. omypapa says:

    Phony advertising. They only collect names for their Newsletter. The downlad link is useless!

  2. nektar says:

    no giveaway here, just the general site.

  3. mishasin says:

    The same here, since 22.July2011.

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