[Giveaway] Wondershare Time Freeze

Wondershare Time Freeze is an easy and effective system restore software to keep your system safe and protect your computer from unwanted changes. It puts the actual system under protection and creates a virtual environment for system partition, on which you run applications and surf the internet.

Step 1: Click this link (Click Here)
Step 2: Enter your First Name, Last Name & EMail Address and click on “Get It Now” button
Step 3: Check your mailbox for the key
Step 4: Download the software from (Click Here)this link
Step 5: Enter your emailid & Key to register your software.


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  1. Ksenia says:

    I have said it before and I say it again…there is no other site like yours! You give tons of free (and only the best!) programms! TIPRADAR IS THE BEST!

  2. Rustem says:

    Usefull thing. Thanks.

  3. Peter says:

    During install it warned of possible conflict with Acronis True Image so did not continue installation. Thank anyway.

  4. Rocky says:

    Wow I have been waiting for a program like this for a long time. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this!!! Thank you so much!!!!!

  5. Hans says:

    Don’t be worried about possible conflicts with Acronis True Image. I’m using both together since more than one year without any troubles. Wondershare Time Freeze 2 replaces my Try&Decide, which refuses to work properly since I installed Windows 7 in addition to Windows XP on the same machine. Wondershare Time Freeze works perfect under these circumstances as well. With this software, you need no complicated solutions like virtual machines to try out new software or surf securely through the internet with your system file protected or others too.

  6. Ruchir says:

    It is not the best.The best out of the bests.

  7. mishasin says:

    Thanks for the tip.
    Best regards

  8. GARY says:

    I have nothing but admiration for Wondershare. They came thru for me before, Thanks!

  9. Muft Wale says:

    Hi Hans how do I get in touch with you Need some input on my trouble with dual install(XP+ Win7)
    Sorry for this post but didnt know other way

  10. Druid says:

    Thank you for the Giveaway

  11. ebony says:

    I have installed 3 times and I never get the settings button to display. Any help?

  12. Druid says:

    Thanks for sharing

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