TipRadar feedburner email subscriptions, important for all users, read please

Hi sometimes we find that you missed to verify your email subscription (feedburner). This is the main reason why you do not win contests. The problem is that we verify user subscriptions and if we find an unverified email (pending verification) we will exclude you from the winners (Even if you won a software promotion).

We invite you all to check and verify feedburner email subscriptions. If you have not completed the verification, just insert again your email address in the feedburner email subscription form here and you will get a verification email again.

After you receive the verification email (check the spam folder if you don’t get it) click on the verification link and you are ok.

Thank you




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  1. BlueStrut says:

    I found this pretty stupid. If I don’t check my mail a day, I lose all my chances? Do you think that your newsletter is so interesting that everybody reads it daily? No! They only open the mail and then delete it. You should be more permisive, something like “You get out only if you have >10 unread newsletters”. (I say this because I know that many things from it are not usefull to me, and I don’t want to waste my time.)

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