30% Discount Coupon Code on NXPowerLite Desktop 8

| November 16, 2019

Best NXPowerLite Desktop 8 Discount Coupon Code

Shrink PDF, Microsoft Office and JPEG files with ease.

NXPowerLite will compress PDF, Microsoft Office and JPEG files simply and effectively, making them easy to email as attachments. It is especially effective on files that don’t zip well.

Optimized files stay in the same format – a PDF remains a PDF. It will look and feel identical to the original, just much smaller.

NXPowerLite now does both, so when you send your email it will try to optimize and compress and apply whichever is the most effective technique at reducing file size – in some cases both.

NXPowerLite integrates with email to shrink your attachments as they are sent.

You can also selectively reduce files within your Office applications, or use the ‘NXPowerLite’ menu to quickly optimize files directly from Windows Explorer.


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