4 Keys to Building a Successful, Scalable Mobile App Strategy

| November 25, 2012

There’s a mobile revolution going on; teeming with opportunities to transform the way you engage with customers, employees, and partners. With 5.5 million mobile devices in the mix–as compared to 1.1 million Internet-connected computers during the early stages of the Web–a well thought-out strategy can mean the difference between wild success in the mobile space and an app that’s seldom used, or quickly forgotten.

Find out how your business can expand reach–and revenue–by incorporating a mobile app strategy into your overall IT plans. In a new white paper from Appcelerator, you’ll learn how to launch a successful mobile initiative with a four-step strategy that will get you up and running quickly–and provide a scalable model for the future. Download the white paper, and determine:

How to interact with mobile users in a way that makes sense to them and supports your goals
How to use one code base to reach all mobile devices with native features like social, camera, and location
How to deliver your app to market in 60% of the time
How to analyze mobile usage and make app improvements accordingly

Make sure you know how to stand out among the growing number of available apps by thinking strategically before you join the mobile revolution.

Free download: 4 Keys to Building a Successful, Scalable Mobile App Strategy

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