52Framework: first ever html5 and css3 framework

| February 10, 2010

Using HTML5 makes for much cleaner mark up. This framework fully uses all the great advantages of HTML5.


  • HTML5
    • Use of all the most useful current html5 tags including: header, nav, section, article, footer, and more to come soon (with styling)
    • New input field types: url, email, etc
    • Script embed (javascript) using only the script tag without the attribute type
    • Modified Reset Stylesheet for HTML5
  • CSS3
    • Use of the new ::selection selector that enables you to customize the properties of selected text.
    • Rounded Corners for any block level element
    • Text-Shadow for text elements
    • Box Shadow for block level elements
  • Grid
    • 16 column, 52 pixel based with 8 pixel gutter


Category: Internet