Advanced tool to manage Windows processes and services with Process Hacker

| November 17, 2009

Process Hacker is a free tool you can use to manage better processes and services of your computer in a detailed interface.


During the installations steps you can decide to install as windows service (so it can remain active even if you logoff from the system), and if you want use it as default task manager.

The program is very cool and its interface is very simple and clear in different tabs: processes, services and network connections.

You can manage and have the full control of services like start, stop, pause, delete them. You can see all about memory processes: performances, threads, stack, token info, mapped files, virtual memory, environment variables etc..

Last but not least: you can see hidden processes normally invisible by the standard task manager.

.Net Framework 2. 0 is required.

Download Process Hacker here

Category: Utilities