ALShow: play your favorite DVDs and movies without downloading codecs

ALShow is the easiest free media player on the Internet. With codecs already built in, it’s the only download you’ll ever need!

Play FLV Files – SRT Subtitle Support – MP4 Filter – H.264/H.263 Upgrades – VobSub Caption Support – CVID & TP Support… And lots more!

Try ALShow and see for yourself:

  • Loads FasterĀ & Plays Smoother
  • Play FLV Files – Get the codec in the ALShow Codec Center!
  • Codecs Included – Never search for codecs again
  • Video / Screen / Audio Capture – Save parts as video, pictures, or audio
  • Loop Video Segments – Want to watch that again a few times?
  • Instantly Hide ALShow – Press the ESC key
  • Caption & Subtitle Support

Download ALShow

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