Arvixe Web Hosting: first impressions and personal review

| March 8, 2011

As you know,we moved to Arvixe web hosting today. The first impressions are very good and the website is much more faster than before. We didn’t know Arvixe before today and what i can say after only 1 day is that they have an amazing tech support, i chatted today with them for 2 hours to resolve some minor issues.

The setup is faster than light (after 5 minutes the web hosting was ready to run!) and you have a great control of the entire process. The cPanel is much more better than our previous hoster with a lot of options and in general we are very satisfied with them.

They have different good plans for vps and dedicated environments.

If you have problems with your website or blog, if you want to run a business with the right partner, if you experience slowness or simply if you want better performances and a real support that resolve issues and don’t point fingers only,  have a look to Arvixe

note: this is a personal review, we do not take anything back

Category: Internet