[Beta Testing] ChrisNET.biz: Dual-Mirrored Webhosting Server Hosting available

| February 19, 2013

A Brand New Type of ISP Has Arrived — Complete with BETA Program.  ChrisNET.biz announces the launch of it’s 1-year beta program to 100 lucky participants who will find themselves with webhosting accounts on a new Dual-Mirror Technology ISP Framework.

Exactly one month after ChrisNET.biz was founded, the doors are open to a brand new type of Internet Provider. This is only after careful consideration that participants are being chosen around the world to stress-test and security-test the new ChrisNET Dual-Locational-Mirror-Server Technology.


The new technology aims at providing both Residential and Commercial customers a complete duplicate of all the work they put online on a second server, in a separate location, securely transferred instantly updating every 5 minutes.

“This is nearly a 100% uptime guarantee for my customers” says Christopher Porreca, owner of ChrisNET.biz. “I look forward to providing dedicated webhosting to my customers for 1-2 years of testing completely free of charge. Nothing but donations will be accepted.”

ChrisNET.biz provides 24/7 technical support via an 800-number and online via E-Mail. Customers are allowed unlimited domain names, FTP accounts, SSH accounts, Database Accounts, and more.

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