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| May 6, 2020

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We live in unprecedented times. With remote working increasing becoming the norm, it’s essential for any business to have the proper tools to enable seamless communication throughout the modern workplace. And when it comes to video conferencing, there’s nothing like BlueJeans that does the job better. It’s simple to use, smartly built with an emphasis on productivity in mind and is totally secure. But rather than going for a ‘one-size fits it all’ approach, BlueJeans offers multiple products suitable for almost any kind of organization out there. So let’s take a deep dive and check out exactly what each BlueJeans product brings to the table.

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BlueJeans Meetings

BlueJeans Meetings is an excellent video conferencing tool that easily beats the likes of Zoom and Skype by miles. It’s completely device-agnostic, as anyone can join meetings regardless of the type of device that they use. And if your organization uses existing workplace tools such as Slack or Microsoft Teams, you can easily integrate them with BlueJeans Meetings to make communication even easier. The product also works seamlessly with room systems based on Dolby, Polycom, and Lifesize with no issues whatsoever. Furthermore, BlueJeans Meetings records your meetings and stores them in the cloud, making them readily shareable and streamable as soon you wrap them up.

When it comes to video conferencing, security is essential. Thankfully, BlueJeans Meetings is tailor-made to protect end-users with a host of settings. For example, participants require a randomized nine-digit ID to access meetings, preventing unwanted participants from joining. It also provides the ability to lock down meetings, so that only participants that are currently in attendance have unrestricted access for the duration of each meeting. Other features such as video encryption and fraud management make BlueJeans Meetings one of the most secure products out there.

BlueJeans Rooms

BlueJeans Rooms allows for seamless workplace collaboration with a portfolio of room solutions, which involve purchasing room systems from leading providers such as Dolby, integrating BlueJeans Rooms with existing room systems, or building your own room with bespoke hardware providers. Regardless of the approach that you choose to take, BlueJeans Rooms lets you dive into video conferencing with minimal end-user training and IT management, helping you reserve your time for the work that truly matters. The product comes with complete integration onto calendars such as Microsoft Office and Google Calendar, allowing you to schedule meetings easily.

Centralized management is also available as a core function in BlueJeans Rooms. You can easily monitor all BlueJeans meetings remotely, providing the ability to both moderate meetings with a state-of-the-art management console while identifying and resolving issues as and when they occur. Any IT department will seriously appreciate the zero-hassle approach that BlueJeans Rooms brings to the table.

BlueJeans Events

BlueJeans Events is a truly exciting conferencing product that actually lets you host and manage massive events for large audiences no matter where they are. Whether it’s an employee all-hands event or a live webcast, BlueJeans helps you get started with a host of moderator controls for easy management and access, to audience engagement tools that help you keep your audience engages with features such as event chats and live polling. The product is also device-agnostic, so participants can easily access events and participate in them via their favorite web browser. And with the ability to support up to 50,000 attendees, you just can’t go wrong.

BlueJeans Events doesn’t just stop at that. It lets you seamlessly stream content to Facebook Live, thereby letting even more people view your content in real-time. It also records your events, facilitating instant playback, and sharing post-event. If bandwidth is a concern, then don’t worry; BlueJeans Events uses the proprietary BlueJeans Accelerator to cache video streams, instantly making that a non-issue.

BlueJeans Gateway

BlueJeans Gateway offers the most convenient way to connect conference rooms to Microsoft Teams. As an all-inclusive solution, it provides everything required to integrate Microsoft Teams Meetings onto existing room systems with no additional infrastructure or long-term project management practices. It also helps minimize management overhead with automatic software and security updates and prevents server failures with automatic load balancing to improve reliability and flexibility. And just like with products such as Meetings, Rooms, and Events, it enhances the end-user experience with the consistent ability to join rooms with as simple as a single touch.

In other words, BlueJeans Gateway relies on a pure SaaS model to deploy services, provides infinite capacity thanks to Microsoft’s Azure infrastructure, and provides advanced security and privacy controls to preserve the confidentiality of your organization. It also features a flexible licensing scheme that really helps you use the service as and per the needs of your company.

Make Your Pick As you saw, BlueJeans provides multiple video conferencing solutions ideal for almost any business situation. Whether you want to conduct simple group or one-to-one meetings, ramp up the existing conferencing room infrastructure of your company, hold large scale events, or improve the experience of Microsoft Teams Meetings, BlueJeans has your back. It’s also extremely safe to use with unprecedented security and privacy-protection measures. Remote communication could be the norm going forward, so the sooner that you set up your workplace with a top-notch video conferencing solution such as BlueJeans

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