Check username, nickname availability over 300 websites and social networks with KnowEM

| November 17, 2009

Now we’ see a free web service to check availability of usernames or nicknames over 300 websites and social networks


KnowEM will check all of them to check and verify if username or nickname you have choosen is available. It’s very easy to try. You have to type the name you want to check in the textbox “Enter name here” and click Check It.

Variuous websites and social networks are divided in different categories like: Blogging, Bookmarking, Business, Community, Design, Entertainment, Health, Information, Microblogging, Music, News, Photo, Tech, Travel e Video.

If you are interested in a particular category you have to click over “Check this category” close to the category name and the job is done.

If the name you like is available, you will see the word “Available” if not, you will see a grey word.

KnowEM here

Category: Internet