Cloud computing on your desktop with Gladinet Cloud Desktop

| April 3, 2011

Gladinet Cloud Desktop is a great programto manage your could services. It combines could storage and backup options together to give you security to your data, the most important asset.

It supports:

  • Amazon S3
  • AT&T Synaptic Storage
  • Caringo CAStor
  • EMC Atmos Online
  • Google Storage
  • Nirvanix
  • Mezeo
  • Windows/Azure
  • OpenStack
  • Peer1 CloudOne
  • Rackspace CloudFiles
  • FTP
  • WebDav
  • File Server Share
  • Third Party SDK
  • More to come …

There is a free version (starter) available for download and a comparison page to understand the differences between versions.

via: ghacks

Category: Internet