Comodo SecureEmail: encryption protection and signing of outgoing secure emails

| February 21, 2010

Unencrypted, plain-text emails can easily be intercepted, read, and edited. In fact, sending an unencrypted email is a bit like sending a postcard written in pencil.

Whoever intercepts it can read it with ease. Until now, the process of encrypting email messages was lengthy, difficult, and cumbersome, even to the most tech-savvy PC user.

Of course, security systems that, however necessary, are a chore to use will never be adopted on a large scale. That’s why they created SecureEmail: it’s total secure email without the hassle. Unlike conventional email security software, they make it easy.


  • Easily sign and encrypt your email
  • Cuts out the complexity of encryption
  • Integrates with most major mail clients
  • Ends difficulty of public-key exchange
  • Exchange digital signatures with ease


Category: Security