[Contest] Able2Extract Standard

| February 9, 2014

Ever needed to convert PDF files to Word, excel, PowerPoint, HTML, etc., Able2Extract gives you that opportunity to easily and quickly convert your PDF files with little to no problems in conversion. Able2Extract provides an easy to use interface which makes it easy for a first time user to use.

When you first start using Able2Extract you come into the main interface which the only options is to open or do a batch creation in the main bar on top which then you’ll select to do one or several depending if you only selected Open or Batch. After you open up the file you can edit what pages you want to convert and edit the area as well. You also have the option to select the all the pages. Also Batch creations lets you convert several PDFs at a single time. After that on the same row you are able to select the file type you want to convert to. File types Able2Extract offers to convert to be Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Open Office, HTML, AutoCAD, and Image. So offers a wide range of file types which lets you use one program for all your conversions. After the file is converted to your selected file type, it will open up to the main application you selected to convert so if it is Excel, Word, PowerPoint, or Publisher it’ll open up with one of the Microsoft Applications. If you have another Office program like Kingsoft Office, LibreOffice, etc. you will have to edit the output on the options menu which can be selected in the view tab and selecting options.

When selecting Batch to convert several files at once, Able2Extract will show a pop up letting you select several PDFs and selecting to what format that you want to convert to plus the output folder and a character input for accidental conversions.


Able2Extract conversions are quick which is great as if you need it quickly, you won’t have to wait for the conversion to finish. The quality is excellent and does not disrupt quality of the PDF. Before the conversion is done it will let you know if it detects that the page would be image type which if you convert it to word it will be added as a picture when it opens up but if it doesn’t detect it as picture when opened up by Word or any of the file types you chose you’ll be able to edit the document without any problems. There also isn’t any problem with characters coming up wrong as you might encounter with several conversions if not done correctly which Able2Extract has been able to manage to keep the characters as there should be even the lines, spacing, links, tables, and pictures have all been converted without problems. I tested several PDFs with several formats, one being just a document, another having spacing and tables, and one with document with pictures.

The conversion on the document and the document with spacing and tables came out without a problem and easily converted well. From the experience that I am seeing is that the better the quality of the PDF the better the conversion comes out as if it does not detect everything well it will convert the whole document as picture but only encountered once. The rest has been pretty well without no major problems maybe a spacing here and there which the spelling check will correct it as it is just a space near the end of the line.

Able2Extract is a very good conversion tool which does what it is intended for and does it great. With little to no errors on conversions this is a tool if you convert PDFs to any of the file types it lets you convert to. It guides you through the process and it is an easy to use interface that is straight forward to use. Can convert by single or convert in batch to Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Open Office, HTML, AutoCAD, and Image this is the program for you as it is a quick tool to use and giving you the best conversion.+


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