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| May 11, 2013

Advanced SystemCare 6.0 has brought a new interface and faster way to clean and speed your system. So if you need a program that cleans out what your computer leaves behind than Advanced SystemCare 6.0 gets the job done. You can just set it up and leave it do it’s job with scheduled tasks and no need to worry about having to clean out Temporary files, system optimizations, privacy sweep, etc. Fast scans and easy to use interface gives this to be a good free option for s system care for your computer.


Installation is normal with the welcome, license agreement, install location, install and finish. When you start up the program you’ll go with a few steps to get started including the selection of the theme of Advanced SystemCare 6.0.


Advanced SystemCare 6.0 interface has changed and brought some new ways to care for your computer. Advanced SystemCare 6.0 starts off with the simple mode just in case a first time user just wants to run it and not worry about all the info he sees. The simplified mode does a scan for Malware removal, registry fix, privacy sweep, junk files clean, internet boost and shortcuts fix. This gives the beginner user to just run and scan without having to know what he needs to do and if it’ll mess up his system.

If you are more into selecting what you want it to scan, then on top you’ll change it to expert mode where you’ll have more options of what it’ll scan. The extra options are the registry defrag, security defense, vulnerability fix, system optimization, disk scan and disk defragment, you can also unselect whichever you don’t want it to scan. The scan is quick and you don’t have to wait to much to see what it’ll need to care.

Advanced SystemCare 6.0 also has a toolbox where it has extra features that you could use. Most of the features in the toolbox are useful and good to know that they are there. In the clean section you have the IObit uninstaller, an easy to use uninstaller which you are able to batch uninstall if you want to uninstall more than one application and does a system restore so that if you mistakenly uninstall something you needed. The other ones are RegistryCleaner(Pro), Disk Cleaner, and file shredder. The File shredder gives you the option to delete files permanently without any traces of the files. The next section is the optimize, which has the smart ram, internet booster(Pro), startup manager, registry defrag, smart defrag and game booster. The Startup manger lets you select and unselect what items you want to start when your computer starts with the option of delaying the application, then also you have the game booster which if you are a gamer and running on the minimum requirements this might help in disabling some background programs and services to help the game run better. The third section is the repair, which gives you access to the undelete if in case you deleted something you didn’t want to, a shortcut fixer, disk doctor which finds errors on your disk, win fix(not compatible with Windows 8) and IE helper which manages the IE add-ons, context menu, and restores hijacked settings. The rest of the features include Sysexplorer, process manager, driver manager, IObit unlocker which gives you the availability to unlock files that are in use by other processes. Some of these are new to the toolbox which some will and does come in handy. Here’s a good one to mention is the cloned files scanner and empty folder scanner, this two gives you the ability to scan for cloned files and delete or move the one you don’t need and find empty folders which you don’t need.

The final feature that Advanced SystemCare 6.0 has is the turbo boost which this gives you option to select two types of turbo a work mode or a game mode, then you can select what non-windows services and background applications not to run when you run the mode and the type of power plan you want during that time.

Thoughts and Conclusion

Advanced SystemCare 6.0 has brought some good features which it needed and gives it a good stand with the rest of the system cleaners. The Free version has what you need but the Pro gives you extra features that the free doesn’t offer with an automatic service which you can schedule and make it easier to set up and leave it to do what it needs and an active surfing protection which helps protect from malicious website attacks. Beginners or experts might come to use this due to the easiness of just running or setting up and leaving it to do what you have selected.  The scans are quick and you can clean and do the task needed without taking too much time in doing them. Visit http://www.iobit.com/advancedsystemcarepro.html to learn more about what it offers.

Reviewed by lmanlo

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