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| March 5, 2012

Advanced Uninstaller PRO is multi-purpose software, which not only helps removing unwanted applications, but also helps keeping your system clean.

The installation is simple, with the exception of AOL crapware (default checked installation) – which if NOT unchecked – will install a toolbar, change your homepage and search provider. I am not happy to see something of this kind bundled in a paid software.

After the quick install, you could choose the theme to start the application.

The interface is soothing to eyes, though it lacks the capability to adjust the size. (It has only two options- minimize and close)

Allow me to introduce you to the extensive set of options provided by Advanced Uninstaller PRO.

A. General Tools

1. Uninstall Programs – this is used to remove installed software’s. Additionally it also has an option to scan for leftover entries. It works great.

I noticed that for software installed as Admin, if you try to remove from a non-admin login – it says that the software is not installed.

2. Installation monitor – this is another great tool. It helps monitoring an installation, so that it could later be removed completely, thereby leaving no traces on your system/HDD.

3. Startup Manager – it shows the list of programs that launch when you start up the system. It allows removing, adding or disabling entries.

4. Windows Services – this lists services that are started each time you use your system. To use this option it is a must to be either logged in as an administrator or run Advanced Uninstaller PRO as an Administrator.

5. Quick Cleaner – this helps in cleaning entries/data (recent files, history, etc) for browsers and applications.

I noticed that it does not list the current versions for most of the applications. Examples- Microsoft Office 2010, Acrobat -10 and Opera-11.

6. Start menu cleaner – this helps in removing broken shortcuts from the start menu.

7. Start Menu Items Manager – this helps in hiding unwanted or less used start items. It is very useful to remove the clutter from Start menu.

8. Font Manager – this helps to disable/remove unwanted fonts.

9. Control Panel Manager – this helps to remove less used entries from displaying in Control panel. I find it very useful as I could easily have a clean Control Panel.

10. Web Tools – this is not a tool, rather links to their forum, program ratings, survey and web page link. For your convenience, below are the same:



Program Safety Ratings:


B. File & Folder Tools

1. Duplicate Files – this option scan your system for duplicate files, zero-sized files and empty folders. You could either select to scan all files or the common file types namely, avi, mp3, rar & zip. The advance options further helps to select zero length files, empty folders, files over X MB size, add Folder exception and File exception.

2. Live File compression – this uses file compression feature built into Windows and save precious disk space. You could add exceptions for files/folders, as required.

3. File Shredder – this helps to prevent file recovery by safely overwriting the items you wish to delete multiple times, with random data, and then deleting them.

4. Windows Temporary Files – this is a typical temp folder cleaner, good to have.

C. Internet Browser Tools

1. Browsing History – Typical browser history removal tool. Supports Chrome, IE and Firefox.

2. Cookie Manager – A good Cookie manager to see what all cookies are present. You could delete them. Supports Chrome, IE and Firefox. Here I was not able to understand what the program meant by protect/unprotect cookies. No reference available in help file.

3. Temporary Internet Files – Typical browser temporary files removal tool. Supports IE only.

4. Add-ons/Extension – Supports IE and Firefox. A convenient way to enable/disable add-ons (FF)/extensions (IE).

D. Registry Tools

1. Registry cleaner – this option helps in identifying orphan or dead registry entries. To use this option it is a must to be either logged in as an administrator or run Advanced Uninstaller PRO as an Administrator. It also supports reverting to a state prior to repair.

2. Registry optimizer – this is a Registry defragmentation tool. As it is registry, use at your own risk. BOooooooooooooooooooo.

3. Registry Backup & Restore – By using this option, you could create a backup of your entire registry. In case something goes wrong, or if you happen to install something that is causing issues, you could also restore your registry to a previous backup. I have used this option several times and it helped a lot.

E. Reports & Extra Tools

1. Installed Programs – it prints a report of installed programs with the details – icon, name, version, company and website.

2. Installation Logs – this option prints the installer logs of the software monitored using the monitoring tool.

3. StartUp Programs – it prints a report of StartUp programs with the details – name, status and starting location.

4. Windows Services – it prints a report of current Windows services with the details – name, status, executable and start type.

5. Windows Fonts – it prints a report of Fonts with the details – name, type and file name.

6. EasyGo Tool Manager – this is kind of a shortcut for the different tools in Advanced Uninstaller PRO. Here you could select the frequently used tools for quick and easy access.

7. Automatic Scheduler – here you could choose the tools that should be automatically started each day of the week.


Some pitfalls:

1. AOL toolbar. Just get rid of it. NOW.

2. Help file is not updated for the current version. Also has “Copyright Innovative Solutions 2000 – 2010”, instead of “Copyright Innovative Solutions 2000 – 2012”.

3. The Advanced Uninstaller PRO index page link on their online manual is broken. Go below and click on Advanced Uninstaller PRO. It shows Page not found.


4. The description.rtf file from the installed folder mentions that the program is designed to run on Microsoft Windows 2000; however, there is no mention of the same on their website.

5. No option to resize the main interface. However, you could configure it (from General Settings>General tab) to start in a smaller window (800×600 resolution).

6. Couple of other links are broken on their website.

7. Unavailability of a portable version.

8. Only 20-days to try the application. Too short time.


Make sure you read the license.rtf especially for OpenCandy End User License Agreement.



As a whole Advanced Uninstaller PRO is an excellent program. It includes various useful modules to make your system run smoothly and make you more productive. A bunch of options allow executing operations such as- proper removal of programs/applications, registry defragmentation, optimization of browsers, cache/temp file cleaning, disable system startup entries and many other useful things.

Moreover, there is only one installation (setup) to run on Windows 7, Vista and XP (all editions and service packs). Also there is full support for 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Windows.

The interface is simple and convenient to use, and there are multiple skins available to make it look better to eyes and more comfortable.

To end, it is a well worth BUY.

Having said all above, Advanced Uninstaller also offers a reduced yet decent FREE version below:


The main differences in the FREE & PRO versions are shown in the link below:



Thanks Grr for the excellent review.


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