[Contest] Aidsoft Windows Password Recovery [Forum Exclusive]

| September 8, 2012

Windows is widely used around the globe and passwords are no doubt the best layer of security used in it for securing it from unauthorized access. They help every computer user with windows OS to restrict anything they want to hide from others by putting a password for its access. But, as we know there are some unfortunate situations when by mistake or by bad luck we lose windows logon password (I saw such a situation when my friend forgot his windows logon password and that’s why I never use it because It really scare me if I lose access to my window and more importantly to the stuff stored in it). There are many people like me who do not prefer using windows logon password because of the fear of losing access, but using a password to login in windows is a safe practice and I really wanted to do that, that’s why I researched for tools which can help me in case I lose access, that way I feel more secure and confident while using login password in windows and also I make my pc more secure. Today I want to talk about such a tool, in fact the best of its kind (I can say). The program I am talking about is iAidSoft’s Windows Password recovery.

The traditional way is to reinstall whole system if someone forgets login password for window but with Windows Password Recovery user can reset/remove admin/user account password with ease. Program is designed in such a way that even a non-experienced user can setup it easily and can save him from trouble of password loss without any external help. All instructions are included in programs GUI in stepwise.

The installer of iAidSoft Windows password recovery is small around 15.2MB (here I am talking about V5.3.0). And Installation process is also very simple and straight forward.

Now let’s take a look at its GUI (Graphical user interface): On the left of its GUI it has set of instructions (stepwise) on how to use this program in the form of a menu. First step/option in the menu is Overview.

Overview: Here user gets instructions for quick start, for users who know how to burn cd/usb and boot with it.

Second option in the menu is How to burn bootable cd.

How to burn bootable cd: Here user gets stepwise instructions for burning a bootable cd in the form of a pictorial.

Third option in the menu is How to boot from a cd.

How to boot from a cd: Here user can see all the steps for booting from a cd, the pictorial is very easy to understand and to apply.

Fourth option in the menu is How to burn bootable USB drive.

How to burn bootable usb drive: Here user get instructions for burning bootable USB drive in the form of easily understandable pictorial.

Fifth option in the menu is How to boot from an USB drive.

How to boot from an USB drive: Here user get instructions for setting there system for booting with a usb drive, I the form of easily understandable pictorial.

Last option available in the menu is How to user windows password recovery.

How to user windows password recovery: Here user gets information on how to use this software after making bootable cd/USB. These instructions are also available online on product homepage between features and tech spec tabs (here).

Now, let’s talk about the other options it has.

On the top right corner of its GUI it has a drop-down menu which have four options (Homepage, online help, activate product and about us).

Homepage: User can access the product homepage by selecting this option. (Requires internet connection)

Online help: User can access FAQ page of iAidSoft by accessing this option (Requires internet connection).

Activate Product: User can activate product if they have serial key or can buy by clicking on this option. (Requires internet connection if user want to buy key).

About us: User can check program version, registration details and other details by selecting this option.

Conclusion: It is very easy to install and use. User can understand all the instructions easily even if user is new to computers. While, user cannot use its trial for removing passwords but still user can install it and check if it is worth buying. According to me it’s an ideal tool for those who worry about their access to their pc. I am going to use it and I recommend everyone to give it a try, it is easy and effective.

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Reviewed by Sahil


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