[Contest] Artrage Studio Pro [Forum Exclusive]

| August 11, 2012

Artrage Studio Pro is one of the best drawing programs I’ve used. It has fluid strokes and feels/looks more like you are using the real brushes. The interface is very nice and intuitive and it’s real easy but gives you everything you’ll use when drawing. Artrage Studio Pro has better responsiveness and very good way of selection of colors which also does very well on blending colors together.


Installation is straightforward with no extra objects to install. You’ll get it installed in 5 steps with welcome screen, terms and conditions, location, install, and final. You start up the program and it takes you directly to use and lets you try it for 30 days or you can input your key into the activation window. Go to http://www.artrage.com/artrage-studiopro.html for more information.


Interface: Interface is great with very intuitive controls brushes, pens, knife, paint roller, etc. are on the left bottom. Each section will have somewhat curve orange lines which you can click to minimize the section. You will also see the stickers, stencils, and settings and presets on left side too. On the right side will be the layers, tracing, Refs, samples, and the color selection.

On the interface when you click on the settings, you’ll be able to change up depending on the tool you have selected. There are plenty of stickers and stencils on the sticker and stencils panel from which you can choose from. The stickers and stencils does blend into the drawing very nicely and works real well like if you want to put a leave instead of drawing there’s a sticker for that.

The main menu items from the top bar are where you will select the rest of the features and one of them being the new recording script feature which is great to have as will show you how you are doing and if in case you want to replicate some strokes. It lets you annotate the scripts, share the recording and lets you come back to the drawing if needed. This helps as if you are drawing and not finished, you can look on how you were doing and know what you are aiming for. For the recording you can start recording when you select it from the file tab or select the controls on the view tab. The preference menu will let you edit the interface from background color, sounds, animation, and color tint.  You will be able to select the automatic check of updates, the type of cursor you want, precise, outline (as seen on the screenshots), and tool, Input device which if you have a tablet to draw from or if you are using the mouse, panels on how you want them scaled, filters, export quality, and the use of multithreading. Depending on what you use from a drawing pad or a mouse, this works very nice making it work nicely even when using the mouse. The main tabs will let you choose more manual if you want to select a manual brush, manually change color with precision tool, and other tools in selection from the hard disk if you have your items.

Thoughts and Conclusion

Artrage Studio Pro is one of the best we’ve used with better responsiveness to strokes and the way color selection is made. The interface is nice and intuitive that you are able to select, change up, and edit what you want so that the painting comes out the way you intended.

As shown above is a painting drawn from Artrage Studio Pro with the various tools and color selections. I have used many and this one has more realistic feel and look when drawing with the program which is worth getting. Artrage Studio Pro comes with the tools you need and like how the recording script is as we’re able to look at and show how the drawings were made. While using the program I’ve come to like this one a lot and the use of the colors and the way it blends them together is very good which makes them look more better than other software’s that we’ve used. See more about at http://www.artrage.com/artrage-whatsnew.html

Reviewed by lmanlo


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