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| February 19, 2012

To keep our system in best of shape we need to optimize and maintain it regularly. Without regular maintenance our system can become very slow and we can experience frequent crashes and continual system hangs.

PC optimization and maintenance has become easier with the large number of tools that are available on the market. But choosing the correct one for you is bit tricky. Some of them require you to have technical knowledge before using it, others might not have all the required features and even there are some which are faulty and can harm your system.

Among all of these system utilities Ashampoo WinOptimizer 9 is the one that stand out. It has got the perfect balance of features, usability and effectiveness. For those who don’t know, I would like to inform you that today Ashampoo has released a new version of its much acclaimed product WinOptimizer and its called Ashampoo WinOptimizer 9. It has got new sets of tools and numerous other updates through which you can get a certainly faster and better system.

Now let’s have a look into Ashampoo WinOptimizer 9 and check all its notable features.

Description and Features

It is one of the most comprehensive, powerful and intelligent optimizer. It is fully loaded with features and options that will certainly ensure a stable and accelerated system. With the help of Ashampoo WinOptimizer you can optimize and maintain anything and everything of a windows operating system. The interface of the program is quite nice and well organized. Another striking feature of WinOptimizer 9 is all the tools are carefully divided and placed under several modules and that makes it very user friendly and easy to use.

There are 6 main modules- Maintain system, Analyze system, Improve performance, Files tools, Customize Windows, General. Each of these modules has their own set of tools to achieve respective jobs.

Maintain system: This module mainly focus on system maintenance. The important sets of tools under it are One-Click Optimizer, Drive Cleaner, Registry Optimizer, Internet Cleaner, Defrag 3 and Registry Defrag. This Registry Defrag is the latest addition to WinOptimizer. It is used for analyses and defragment of windows registry.

Analyze system: The main sets of tools under this module are System Information, DiskSpace Explorer, System Benchmark, Disk Doctor and HDD Inspector. This module has tools that help you to analyze your system performance. HDD Inspector is newly added to WinOptimizer 9. It gives detailed information and analysis of the S.M.A.R.T values of your hard disk drives.

Improve performance: The Service Manager helps with the management and optimization of installed services. The StartUp Tuner adjusts the startup behavior of applications. You can improve your Internet connection with the Internet Tuner. The Process Manager provides an overview of all running processes. The Uninstall Manger allows you to uninstall unnecessary applications as well as faulty entries.

File tools: Files and folders are deleted safely and permanently with the File Wiper. For data protection reasons, it is sometimes necessary to protect the contents of files and folders from third-party access. In this case the File Encrypter & Decrypter module helps with the encryption. The File Splitter & Joiner splits large files into several smaller ones so that those can then be sent by email. Later on the recipient can join those again. The Undeleter helps you to restore accidentally deleted files.

Customize Windows: The main tools under this module are Tweaking, AntiSpy, File Associator, Context Menu Manager, Icon Saver. Tweaking allows you to access hidden system settings and a detailed adjustment. The AntiSpy module provides access to interfaces, hidden options and their settings. The management of installed file formats and repair of faulty formats is done by the File Associator module. With the Context Menu Manager you can manage and customize context menus. The Icon Saver saves the arrangement of icons on your desktop and restores it, if necessary.

General: The Backup Management provides a comfortable overview and information on all saved changes, in order to quickly restore those with just a click. In the Settings you can change the settings of each module and customize the general settings for Ashampoo WinOptimizer 9. The Tuning Assistant helps new users to maintain their system in the best possible way by only answering a few questions. The Taskplaner helps you to exactly plan the execution of task at a certain time. They will then be executed automatically.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 9 gives a complete set of tools to manager, optimize and tweak your system. It is extremely easy to use and effective. I can certainly say that it is one of the best system utility I have ever used and I will certainly recommend it to all my readers.

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