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| February 7, 2013

Auto Hide IP helps protect your online identity aka IP address. Knowing your IP, one could easily come to know about your location. In addition, IP addresses are used for tracking purpose.

Auto Hide IP helps you by hiding your real IP address and thereby protecting your identity online. It helps you browse anonymously without leaving any traces of your IP anywhere.

Below are the key features per the Developer:

Anonymous Web Surfing

Assign you fake IP addresses which will make hackers taken in, by this way, your IP could be disguised from online predators.

Protect Your Identity

Hide your real IP when surfing the web to prevent hackers or identity thieves from monitoring your web activity or stealing your personal information such as your financial information.

Choose IP Country

You decide to use fake IP from different countries via “Choose IP Country” option and you can check the current IP directly.

Send Anonymous E-mails

Hide your real IP address in email headers. Be protected in email-sending from Yahoo!, Hotmail and GMail, etc.

Un-ban Yourself from Forums and Message Boards

Use Auto Hide IP to change your IP, then you can get access to any forums or restricted websites that have banned you.

How Auto Hide IP works

Auto Hide IP uses a proxy to connect you to the internet. In this way the real IP address is masked by proxy address, aka fake IP. Because of using fake IP, your online presence is unidentified, as you never reveal your actual IP address.

Let us talk about the software now.

It is very easy to install and disk cost is less than 10mb.

After installation, it tried to install an add-on to my default browser (Firefox here). I allowed it.

Practically it hides your real IP address to rest of the world. I did a quick check of my real IP on WhatIsMyIP.com, and then enabled Hide IP. As shown below, the interface showed me a fake IP.

Again when I checked on WhatIsMyIP.com, it showed my real IP, along with the AutoHideIP’s fake IP. See below.

However, if you try to check the (fake) IP from the program interface (using Check IP Info), it opens this address: http://clientn.autohideip.com/map/whatismyip.php, which shows the fake IP. Not sure if it should work that way.

Anyways going ahead it allows you to select a fake IP from 67 countries. Therefore, you are free to access content blocked for an entire country.

In addition, you may select to change the fake IP to a set interval ranging from 1 minute to 120 minutes.

From the settings, you could enable Hide IP for either or all of three browsers: Opera, IE or Internet Explorer. Here it enables them even if you do not have that browser installed.

Remember that some (fake) IPs may be very slow. So try changing the IPs to get the one with best speed.



1. Bundled with Ask toolbar. Could be unchecked while installing.

2. If not unchecked, changes your homepage and default search provider.

3. Fails to detect the presence of a browser.



After you install, it opens a webpage to offer 50% off, dropping the price to $19.95.

Before I end, let me show you the proof of anonymity below wherein I have enabled the IP hide.

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