[Contest] Avira Internet Security 2013

| October 17, 2012

Either in the real world or in the virtual world, security is the first preference of everyone. In the real world we can take precautions because we know how things work and how we can prevent unwanted things from happening to us. But in the virtual world, most people are unaware of almost everything they use (they don’t know how it works and they don’t know why it works; they only know one thing: that it works and they can use it, without being aware of potential risks). Technology changes almost every second and threats arrive in milliseconds. Thus, making data secure and uncompromised is a challenge.

But, by taking preventive measures, we can secure ourselves from threats coming for us from the virtual world of the Internet, such as:

  • Selecting a good security software for real-time protection (an antivirus suite)
  • Avoiding installation of software from unknown or a non-trusted source
  • Avoiding emails from people or organizations you do not know(and attachments within emails)
  • Avoid visiting websites that are not relevant to your work or which are potentially dangerous
  • Only connecting to internet when you need it, not 24×7.

While taking every preventive measure is almost impossible for many of us due to human nature, we can still save ourselves from most of the threats by just choosing a good computer security product. So, today I want to talk about such a good security suite…it is one of my five favourite AV suites. I am talking about Avira’s Internet Security Suite.

Avira IS (Short for Avira Internet Security), is one of the best antivirus suites available in the market, it is not only an antivirus it is lot more than that. It has Child Control functions, mail scanning, firewall, Web protection, Experts Market, backup and many more functions which makes it best choice for millions of peoples. Its Graphical user interface is simple and clean, it is user friendly and anyone can use it to its full extent. Let’s talk about some of its main modules.

System Scanner: User can scan system and files/objects avira’s against virus database manually by making a custom scan in this module. Here user can also scan removable drives (like portable hard disk drives and thumb drives), can scan active processes or rootkits. User can also make custom scan and can also schedule it to carry out on a specific time or system condition (like while system is in idle state).

Real time Protection: Here user can check the status of real time protection and any detection.

Backup: User can also backup any data they want, thanks to this feature now they don’t have to worry for backups.

Firewall:  This software Firewall help securing system by preventing unknown and unauthorized access through it.

Web Protection: This module help securing system by scanning online connection. User can also control user account accessible by their Child.

Mail Protection: If you are like many other people out there who use mail clients for accessing there emails, then this is something for you. This module helps securing system by scanning and preventing access to anything potentially dangerous in mails like malware or spam.

Quarantine:  Avira store all the malwares and potentially unsafe files which are detected when performing scans in a virtual environment, and user can access and check info about their files from quarantine.

Scheduler: User can schedule scan by using this option.

Reports: Here user can check all the reports of scan performed by Avira IS.

Events:  Here user can check any special event occurred, avira maintain a log for events and divide these events in four categories information, warning, error and detection.


Conclusion: Avira IS is a good security suite, with lots of functionality not available in most security suits. The features I like in it are manual update, child safety, active process scans, backup and more and Avira has some functions not available in most of the other security suites which makes it different from others. If you use the Internet or if you work with emails, if you have children who have access to computer or if you are very possessive about your online security, I want to recommend Avira. Take it on a test drive, use it for a week and I am sure you’re gonna love it. And the best thing is, Avira IS is free for 1 whole month, which means anyone can try it and test it in that period without any limitation, So what are you waiting for.

Reviewed by Sahil

Note: This is a detailed review of Avira Internet Security 2012. Recently Avira released their 2013 line of products. To know more about that and what’s new please visit their official page.



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