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| January 3, 2014

As always the user experience with any software begins with the download. I had a respectable download rate over 1MB/s resulting in a wait of only seconds. Likewise the installation was also quick and easy. It was a standard install experience with no hidden toolbars or other ‘unwanted’ additions tagging along.

During the install you are given an option to select the version you would like to try. As I am writing a review on the home version, this is what I selected.

However I was interested in seeing the differences of the versions and so I opened the link and found a nicely formatted and easy to understand table.


Upon running the software for the first time, I was not bombarded with a trial version warning or a request to activate the trial online or even register with my email. Instead a simple welcome screen offering to show you a few tutorials on the software awaits. I can say that it is not likely to be needed however as the interface is pretty self explanatorily and well thought out.



There are basically only 4 stages which the program breaks up in order on the left side of the screen. Each option is it’s own tab.

The first tab and stage is for selecting the photo’s (images) you would like to change.

For testing purposes I selected four pictures I had on hand of various types.



After adding all of the images you would like to change into the program, you are ready to move onto the second tab/stage. This one ends up taking the longest, and it seems most of the options come into play here. Any changes you add to the filter list are applied to ALL images you added in the previous screen once the process option has been selected. You may choose an image from a drop down list above the preview pane to see how the filters you add will look on different ones.


I added only a few but there were a number of filters to choose from, many of which had further settings you could tweak within a sub window once selected. It showed a preview of the changes for each filter as well as the main window reflecting the combined filters allowing you to see what any image will look like once processed.

The third tab allows you to select a few more details such as image type, output location, and name changes.

Once you select the process option, you will be notified that the trial version such as the one I am testing here will leave a watermark on any images created. The originals are of course left untouched. After the program begins the work you will find a small screen pop-up containing some information that may or may not interest you in addition to the time and progress bar.

Here is what one of my test images looked like after a resize, ‘grunge’ border, sharpening and auto-contrast formats were applied.



After it was all completed and I was preparing to exit, I was notified that it was possible to save the settings for future use. This allows you to save a profile for easy loading and use it in the future without starting the filter changes (the most time consuming aspect) from scratch!

Final Thoughts:

I did not get to test any of the uploading features for places such as facebook as I do not have such accounts.

I found the interface to be quite simple and well thought out. Unless you are not used to PC software in general you should have no issues finding what you need. I’m quite confident my grandmother could make use of this software with no assistance! (and that’s saying something)

Unlike advanced software such as Adobe Photoshop there is not a plethora of options requiring those of us without a graphical developing background to learn new terms or strange techniques to alter images in a desired manner. There are still a number of filters to choose from, some which add graphical elements, others which tweak the image, or even resize it and more. In addition you may apply those changes to any number of images at once!

I encountered no errors, exceptions or crashes while testing the software and was pleasantly surprised by the results. The perfect software for those of us lacking pro graphical skills or anyone who has a multitude of images to alter.

Reviewer: byte

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