[Contest] Bookmark Docs 3.0 FULL VERSION licenses

| March 11, 2011

Bookmark Docs is a new document navigation tool. Bookmark Docs allows users to tag information across multiple editors, readers, browsers, and can be used to mark up PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, CHM, MSDN library documents, media files and web pages. Whenever you need to return to that place just open bookmark or hyperlink.

Bookmark Docs lets you use bookmarks with documents of various formats. It fully supports PDF documents, CHM Help files, the MSDN Library, Microsoft Office documents and Web pages.
When you are adding a bookmark, Bookmark Docs detects which application you are currently using, and to which place (and to which document) the bookmark should point. If you open that bookmark, the same application will be launched, and the same document will open displaying the bookmarked place.
Bookmark Docs lets you bookmark documents much more precisely than if you were using the native applications, as you can refer to an exact location in the document, not just to a page or to a paragraph.
Moreover, you can keep all bookmarks to various documents in one place, so you don’t have to keep in mind where you should look for some important data.

Bookmark Docs’ another key feature is the extensive use of hyperlinks with various document formats. You can easily generate a hyperlink to a certain place in the document.
For Web pages, it is a conventional URL; for PDF, CHM, Microsoft Office documents, and MSDN documents, the URL will be in the specific format.
To make the use of URLs easier, they can be automatically shortened.
As Bookmark Docs supports hyperlinks for a few document formats, you can use it together with any other bookmark manager. For example, you can keep in Google Bookmarks not only URLs pointing to Web pages, but also hyperlinks to specific places in PDF and CHM documents, or the MSDN Library.
Bookmark Docs makes it easy to let someone else know exactly where to look for some information — just generate a hyperlink and send it by e-mail or via an instant messenger. Or you can put all hyperlinks into some document and then send that document.

Bookmark Docs has a simple, user-friendly interface.
Adding a bookmark and then using it takes only a couple of clicks.
All bookmark-handling operations are the same for all supported document formats and applications, and bookmarks are not “bound” to a specific format.
Bookmarks can be categorized by tags. Bookmark Docs has an easy-to-use search feature.
Moreover, a team of users can work on groups of bookmarks — just share the bookmark storage among the users. You can also use a version control system or any other means to track bookmark updates.

Supported formats and apps:

  • Microsoft Office
  • PDF documents
  • Help formats
  • Web pages
  • Media files

In cooperation with Bookmark Docs (sponsor of this giveaway), we can offer 7 licenses! of BookMark Docs 3.0 worth $24.95 each.

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