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| August 7, 2012

The video lessons are very popular nowadays because they give us the description of anything in the form of a presentation. For example, some software developers make the video tutorials of their product and show the benefits of the program. It goes without saying that such a method of online learning has a lot of advantages because the video tutorials are very easy for understanding and are accompanied by voice explanation. You can watch this video tutorial again and again and learn all the features of the program perfectly. But for creating such a video tutorial you need a good screen capture program which helps you to make a video file and then save it in the preferred video format. Of course, there are a lot of such programs but the best of them is Camtasia Studio. The new version of this great program has just released and it has a lot of improvements and new exciting features: 1. Record smoother videos with a higher frame rate (30 fps), 2.Quizzing, 3. Screen “Hotspots” where users can click for instant feedback, 4.Unlimited Multi-track Editing, 5.Major increase to theme library content, 6.Visual Effects, 7.TechSmith Smart Player – allows your content to be viewed “anywhere”, etc. Camtasia Studio 8 will help you to create high-quality video presentations and interactive video tutorials. It allows you to capture everything on the screen, edit it and save in a suitable video format- AVI, SWF, MOV, WMP, etc. The program also uses a special video codec TSC2 (TechSmith Screen Capture Codec).

The main interface of Camtasia Studio 8 is perfect. Every button, every box and slider is perfectly made be professional designers. Main window of Camtasia Studio is divided into the four parts: At the top of the title bar there is a menu of the program. Below is a small toolbar of instruments. Its appearance can be customized by clicking the small button with a down arrow. You can select those items that we want to see in this panel. Below, under the toolbar, there is a service panel. The appearance of it varies depending on which of the tabs are currently active. On the right there is a preview window. And at the very bottom there is TimeLine.
The menu of the program consists of the following buttons- 1. File, 2.Edit, 3.View, 4.Play, 5.Tools. File buttons allows you to open new or existing projects, save projects, import Media files, etc. By the help of this button you can perform basic operations with your files.

After creating editing and finishing the project you can share it to Screencast.com or YouTube. Before sharing you can also select preferred video formats or customize them.

The second menu button Edit allows you to perform some basic operations with your file. You can undo or redo, copy and paste, cut and split files, etc.
The third menu buttons View allows you to customize timeline, canvas and library.

The fourth button Play allows you to set up your video files playing preferences.

The fifth menu button Tools allows you to edit your video clips and add a lot of effects, such as callouts, cursor effects, etc.

In the Option menu you can customize your Camtasia Studio main settings.

Power Point settings

Or hotkey settings

On the left side of Camtasia Studio 8 is so called Clip Bin. It consists of 1.Clip Bin, 2.Library, 3.Callouts, Zoom-n-pan, 4.Transitions, 5.Audio, etc. Every button has its function and helps us to edit the video files. Clip Bin contains all video, audio and image clips. You can easily drag them to timeline for further editing.

Library contains all your video projects. Callouts contains various ready-made shapes like arrows, rectangles which can be added to your video projects.

Zoom-n-pan allows you to add and edit zoom and pan animations on the timeline. Audio contains tools for enhancing and improving audio quality. But besides that, Camtasia Studio has more amazing tools. Just click on “More” button and you can find a lot of other tools: Cursor effects, Visual properties, Voice narration, Record camera, Captions, Quizzing.
On the right side there is a Canvas. You can watch your video projects and perform a lot of other operations. Canvas is highly customizable. You can change the dimension quality, adjust screen resolution or use Toggle Pan or full screen mode. You can also edit your media directly in Canvas, for example resize or reposition them.
On the bottom of the program there is a timeline which helps you edit your video clips. You can add some transition effects and audio files, cut and split video files, etc. The number of tracks are not limited.

Camtasia studio 8 is a superb program for creating presentations and interactive guides. It can not only capture everything on the screen but also edit video and audio. It is a really must-have program for those who promote their products via the Internet. The new version is more powerful and has more powerful features. I really like great possibilities and I recommend it to everybody.

Reviewer: Sir William of Palerne

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