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| August 19, 2012

CFos Personal Net is a fast and getting started on your basic personal server is easy but when you want to edit more of your server it would be good to know some JavaScript and coding to work around. cFos has good steps and instructions to get you started on how the cFos personal networks, so don’t get the coding scare you away as even if you don’t know and just want to use have a personal server this works really good with a fast and easy setup you can have your cFos personal net up and running.


The installation starts with a welcome screen and a place to select you language, the next step is the license agreement, after you accept license you can input your email for news or leave it blank if you don’t want to receive any, input the directory you want it to install and it will then install cFos. After installation finishes it will ask for configuration if you want it to start up when computer starts, put a start menu icon, port number, and password for admin account and after that you could choose public folder or leave it as selected and installation is all done.


CFos personal net has features to get your personal server up and running with how you want it. CFos gives you what you need plus easy instructions on how to setup more advanced features. It does do what it says it does of having an “Easy server setup within a few minutes” as I was setup in about 5 or so minutes. The best use of this software is for sharing across various computers or smartphones in your network which this does very good, has an easy way to add files from any location to the personal server by right clicking and selecting publish with cFos Personal Net.

This helps adding files real easy and helping it be shown on your personal server. The cFos interface is good and easy to maneuver around, you’re able to get into the interface by going to the http://localhost on computer running cFos to see how it runs, or by going to the local IP address or by going to the public IP address which you’ll have to configure on cFos and router which great instructions on how to do it on the main site. This you can setup a NAT so that you are able to access your personal server, which I suggest if you do this to setup a good password. To configure the NAT you can follow the cFos instructions: https://www.cfos.de/en/cfos-personal-net/documentation/router.htm.

When you look at the cFos Personal Net you can see the pictures, text, documents, files, etc. that you have published to the cFos pnet which you can publish anything. Pictures are opened up on the browser or you can right click if you are in another computer and download the picture(s), text are also opened up on the browser but word documents are downloaded/opened up depending on your selection. On the cFos pnet, if you select admin you can login with information you selected when you setup the password and you can login and delete a file, upload a file, and create a folder, makes it easy to add or delete files from the cFos pnet if in case you don’t want to go through the windows explorer. As you can see from the screenshots you can see how it looks on both the browser and the smartphone browser, which this comes in handy when transferring files between devices.

CFos took a good time in helping its customers out with a very good instruction based on how to get up and running from setting up a so that you are able to access cFos from the outside to setting up the whole settings of cFos. As cFos has an easy server setup, but if you need more ways in configuring cFos in how you like, cFos gives you what you need to get it done. It also might be good to know some coding as the help from what cFos gives you does help but if you don’t want to mess up anything, knowing how to code html or java might come in handy. So please follow the documentation to learn about cFos http://www.cfos.de/en/cfos-personal-net/documentation/overview.htm. The folder of where cFos personal net is located is where all the files you publish will be located which also consist of the scripts which as you can configure with the help of cFos instructions, the users’ information, logs, and all the necessary files for cFos to run.


CFos Personal Net is a great personal server which comes in handy more if you have various computers and smartphones that you want to host data instead of having it on your computer or smartphone. If you have SSD, cFos pnet will work great as you will have access to more files that you don’t want to have on your SSD, so you can create a cFos personal net and host the files from your desktop plus setting up the NAT with the help of cFos documentation will help in able to access them when not at home and this also goes towards smartphones which some does not have a lot of space to save information. This comes in handy and it’s one of the easy and helpful personal net you can have.

Reviewed by lmanlo


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