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| May 5, 2012

First of all I would like to thank Tipradar, especially to Mike for giving me the chance to do a review of CleanMyPC. I took the latest version of CleanMyPC for a test ride and below you will read about its basic features as well as how it performs in my test and whether it is really worth the money.

The CleanMyPC is a paid software designed and developed by MacPaw Inc, an Ukranian company based in Kyiv. MacPaw Inc. is a well-known company to Mac OSX users for its CleanMyMac and MacHider. CleanMyPC is a cleaning and maintenance utility which includes a suite of cleaning tools for Windows computers and six maintenance tools; Registry Maintenance, Complete Uninstall, Secure Erase, Privacy Guard, Autorun and Gadgets & Extensions Manager.

I went to the official website of CleanMyPC and downloaded the installer which is only about 9 MB in size. The overall installation process went pretty quick and straightforward with the option to customize destination folder and desktop shortcuts. The total size of fresh installed CleanMyPC folder on my hard drive is about 16 MB, which is pretty common for a system cleaner software.

My first impression upon opening the main window – slick, modern, glossy and stylish user interface with animation and cool effects. A splash screen will pop out every time you start up the program which can be a little annoying if you’re in hurry. The extra tools on the left panel are orderly organized and the main interface changes according to the selected tab. With minimum user interaction in everyday use, CleanMyPC is a perfect application for beginner and intermediate users.

There are several things you may want to consider; CleanMyPC comes with extra system services and processes which can take a huge amount of ram, as shown in the screenshot below. You can clearly see the 4 extra services of CleanMyPC in the highlighted red box. The main application itself (CleanMyPC.exe) uses up to 80 K of memory while others – CleanMyPCService.exe, CleanMyPCSystemInterop.exe, ReminderSystem.exe and SecureEraseDropAgent.exe actively running in the background and remain fairly static in terms of memory and cpu usage.

My Computer

My Computer tab opens up by default when you first launch the application. This tab includes only a “Scan Now” button which analyzes your hard drive to find unneeded and junk files which can be safely removed. Do not be fooled by its unnecessary animation and glossy looks because once you’ve scanned your computer, you can see exactly what the program is capable to find and what it intends to remove. The main screen will show the following information: time of your last scan and clean, total size of free space you’ve recovered so far and the last time you accessed and used CleanMyPC. The cleaning area ranging from caches & logs to trash & junk as shown below.

You can select and specify what to delete once the scan is finished by checking the rectangular box for each items before clicking on the ‘Clean My Computer’ button. Clicking on the magnify glass icon besides each items will open up a folder where the junk files are located. It’s amazing to see how many junk files CleanMyPC found in my computer although I’m pretty sure I have taken good care of my system.

Registry Maintenance

CleanMyPC includes a registry cleaning utility which finds and removes invalid registry entries from cluttering your system. Once the scan is finished you’ll be presented with a summary report, showing the registry errors that CleanMyPC finds in your system. From my personal experiences, deleting registry keys can actually cause more harm to your computer than good so I would highly recommend you to create a restore point before start cleaning.

Complete Uninstall

CleanMyPCʼs “Complete Uninstall” tool will help you to completely remove applications without leaving a trace by analyzing the program’s data before and after uninstalling it. CleanMyPC scans for remnants after the uninstall of an application such as unnecessary files, folders and registry keys that are usually left over on your computer even after removing it via control panel.

Gadgets & Extensions Manager

Clicking on the “Gadgets & Extensions Manager” tab will automatically scan for internet browser plugins/extension, windows gadget, unused application and games. CleanMyPC allows you to choose and remove them to save space.


Keep in mind that when you start your computer up, a pack of system services and applications have been set to automatically run as soon as Windows is loaded, without you noticing it. CleanMyPC allow its user to disable things that they don’t use to make their Windows start-up time speedier. Processes like Adobe Reader Speedlaunch, Google and Java Updater can be safely disabled to speed the start-up time, for instance.

Privacy Guard

The new “Privacy Guard” feature which was introduced in the recent previous version allows you to stay safe by clearing personal information stored in your internet browser. When you surf the Internet, open files, folder and documents, your activity is recorded in specific files inside your system such as logs, cookies, temporary files and the registry. This means that people who have access to your computer can easily see which web sites you have visited or which files, documents, videos and images you’ve recently opened.

Secure Erase

CleanMyPC includes a tool to permanently remove files, as you have probably known that deleting files or folders in Windows simply remove references to them but not the actual data, so this is where “Secure Erase” comes in handy. How does it work – you tell which file to remove and it rewrites the files multiple times to scramble information then removes it from your hard drive.

Just drag the files to the bottom-right corner of your screen and a new window will pop out telling you to drop those files.


You can access the program’s settings from the options button on the top-right corner, where languages, automatic agents, appearance, updates and notifications can be customized to suit your personal preferences.

Note that CleanMyPC will show different pop-ups according to available optimization whenever it finds – this explains what those extra processes running silently in the background actually do; it monitors and scans your system in real-time either when your computer is working or in idle state and once it finishes a pop-up will recommend you the appropriate optimization.

CleanMyPC’s overall performance and real-time system monitoring makes it another to turn to when it’s time to clean up a PC. It scans your system without you noticing it, and then notifies you when to clean it. You don’t have to run the application every now and then manually, it will automatically tell you which optimization is available to do in order to clean and speed up your computer.

Final Verdict

CleanMyPC performed well in my tests as it was able to recovered around 600 MB of disk space compared to 125 MB of Windows built-in Disk Cleaner. CleanMyPC is a perfect application for those who are looking for a complete and polished computer clean up solution. It costs about $29.95 per unit, which is quite expensive for a system cleaner but is indeed an ideal choice for those who can afford the money – it features a wide range in the cleaning area with 6 useful tools; not to mention its modern, slick and glossy interface which is quite rare for a windows based application you can find these days. However, with so many other cheaper options available, I can’t say that it’s the best choice available. The latest version of CleanMyPC (application version 1.5.4, database version 1.7) can be downloaded on their official website. Keep in mind that those extra tools are disabled until you register it, and there is a trick to get a better view on how CleanMyPC works – you can request a special license key by liking their Facebook page. Note that even though the special license activates most of CleanMyPC utilities, you still have to register it in order to complete the individual tasks.


Reviewed by Roti

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