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| March 16, 2013

Crave Invoice software has four versions, Crave Invoice Free, Crave Invoice Pro, Crave Invoice Enterprise and Crave Accounting Pro with each having features that would depend on the type of business or personal needs. Crave invoice free lets you create sales invoices, create quotations, send reports via email, bulk price change tool, customize invoice number series, and export reports. Crave invoice Pro includes what Crave Invoice free plus adds the ability to create invoices, import customer, product and supplier data, create sales orders, support for multiple currency, etc. The Crave Invoice Enterprise includes all from Crave Invoice and adds some extra features from multi-warehouse inventory tracking, purchase orders, stock receipts, etc. In the Crave Accounting Pro adds accounting features to Crave Invoice with accounts payable and receivables, record purchases and make payments, general ledger, trial balance and balance sheet, etc. All are easy to use and after first setup up you’ll be able to create invoices, reports, balance sheets, etc. in one program without the need for having several.



Installation is a normal installation without any extra installations. You get the welcome, license agreement, locations to install and save and then install product. When you start up product you will start up with a first Run setup which will take you in to a step process adding information that will help expedited the invoice process when creating your invoices, reports, orders, etc. You can always skip the process by clicking finish or continue the process. The process starts with the Company info, tax info, date and currency, email, inventory and user login information’s.



            Crave Invoice software starts up with the main interface which includes at first start up a getting started which you can view online help, create invoice, and import Products/customers.  The toolbars include the features for each version which depending on the version the toolbar will include or not include. Starting from the Crave Invoice Pro, the top toolbar, you have file where your user login and selection of data. The setup is where you setup Crave invoice if you didn’t finish and also where you can import data. You also get the basic inputs where you input customers, suppliers, inventory, etc. and also where you can use the feature of the bulk price change tool which can come in handy when needing to change a price to many. It also contains Invoicing which you can select the sales invoice, sales order, etc. Crave Invoice Pro also contains Expenses and tools which on tools you can view the report and see the options. Where the window and help is universal on all which you can select window of what is opened and get help if needed. The main toolbar includes useful actions that can be done quickly without looking at the top toolbar. You can add products info, customer’s info, invoices, receipts, invoices due, reports, and report templates. Each of them opens an action menu where you can add or modify existing information.


Crave Invoice Enterprise contains all of what Crave Invoice Pro contains but adds extra features to what you will see on the Crave Invoice Pro Interface. On the top toolbar, an inventory is added where you can add purchase orders, stock receipts, product initial stock, and stock on hand, etc. In the main toolbar you get additional tools which include suppliers, purchases, and stock receipts.


Crave Accounting Pro adds both features from Crave Invoice Pro and Crave Invoice Enterprise. Crave Accounting Pro includes on top toolbar the accounting which you can add bank journal, cash journal, other journals, charts accounts, etc. Which comes useful if you need a journal done or balance sheet view.

Crave Invoice free has some good features for a free version and if you only need it mostly for creating sales invoices, quotations, etc. Crave Invoice free gives you that feature without the need of buying for something you might not use. But has limitations on some areas that Crave Invoice Pro, Crave Invoice Enterprise, or Crave Accounting Pro can provide.


Crave Invoice lets you easily input or view data that was inputted. When you need to input data you click on the appropriate tool. So you can open up the products and add the information by clicking on new or modify an existing product. Each one includes different types of inputs which can go to deep to explain which we’ll take products for example. When entering a new product, you can input the code or SKU, give the product name and the type of product, you can select how many units and the purchase rate with a rate discount if you get discounts on product. You can select a manufacturer if you have inputted it or input a new manufacturer. You are also able to select the price you are selling it for and if there is a discount if it is on a special. You can have minimum stock which should let you know when you’ll need to refill stock and how many to reorder when time comes if it is used by multiple users.


The sales invoice also gives you options to select what is needed for invoice. When inputting information on this you could come useful to already have most of the information already inputted for each section, having the customer info, what product will/was purchased, who sold/selling the product, where did it ship from, etc. When having most of the info, inputting to the sales invoice comes easily as you select what you need and you get all the invoice finished without having to really input every bit of information which also should calculate the cost of what has to be paid or has been paid.


Thoughts and Conclusion

            Crave Invoice is easy to use with information easily added or modified. You have enough information that you can add or modify to be able to create invoices, reports, journals, etc. with all three versions, you can select the version you need and use depending on your type of work and easily learned without too much trouble using Crave Invoice. You can easily import the data if you already have it or manually input the data which is recommended to set up your info so that you can fluently move to each section without much inputting except when a new customer joins up or a new merchant. So choose the one you will need for business or personal, you have what you need with each of the four versions, Crave Invoice Free, Crave Invoice Pro, Crave Invoice Enterprise and Crave Accounting Pro.

Product homepage: http://www.craveinvoice.com/index.html

So check out http://www.craveinvoice.com/compare-editions.aspx for more information of what each does and what personal or business needs.

Reviewer: LMANLO

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