[Contest] CyberGhost Premium Plus VPN

| August 29, 2013

CyberGhost Premium Plus VPN is a fast VPN server. It has an intuitive menu system which lets you see important data you want and connect to VPN easily.

Installation and After Installation

Installation is quick, only 4 steps welcome screen, terms and conditions, Install, and Finish. After the installation finishes it brings you to the main screen which you’ll have to sign up for a free or buy any of the services. But if you want speed I would recommend buying one of the services that fits you. CyberGhost VPN gives you 1GB for free or depending on what you picks up to 80GB of traffic. After that’s done you will sign in and you can connect or configure CyberGhost VPN.


There are many servers that you are able to connect to and you can see a server list to select your VPN location or see the server map. CyberGhost VPN also gives you an Antispy that runs in the background when opened which you can configure to what you want to block. CyberGhost VPN settings gives you only three tabs general where you can select if you want it to start with windows and what to display for security, automatic login and server choice which you can have to start up and select a VPN, and exceptions which gives exceptions to specific sites to not allow them to go through CyberGhost VPN. When starting a VPN session, it’ll ask you to close all browsers and that if you want to let it change the time to the location. You are also able to access some VPN settings from your online account which lets you see the traffic, changes traffic settings, some user settings and a beta to the OpenVPN configuration all through the online account.


CyberGhost VPN is a fast VPN server and faster than others I’ve have used which works great if you want to have a VPN server and still have good speeds. This works with almost all programs like all browsers, uTorrent, steam, etc. If you want to have a fast VPN then CyberGhost VPN is the one you’ll like.

Reviewed by lmanlo

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